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The Mega-Mega-Thread-Thread



I believe it is inevitable

gpp thread prime example Yes I get it fuck NV but ffs people


It’s going more into a great debate for that thread.


I know bbcode (not that this place runs on it) even has a chat module in order to encourage that sort of posting to be moved to chat.

Is there a level 1 discord or other chat service? If so, being a little more … firm with moderating the shitpost/me-too stuff out of the technical forums with a “take it to chat” could be reasonable.

Of course forums marked as off-topic (of which there are several) might be more suitable for widly varing discussion as well. Like this mega-thread being in an off-topic style forum.

But my firm belief is that in a technical or “serious” forum subsection, threads/questions (including their titles) should be fairly focused and to the point - that way future people can more easily use the search engine and get an idea of what they’re about to open, which makes finding things much easier.


Hah. I don’t think anyone can be trusted not to do that in such threads, myself included. In a tangential wildly rambling discussion, that’s just what tends to happen. And its hard to mark shitposting (or funny, etc.), off-topic trash as “off topic” when the thread doesn’t really have a specific topic :smiley:


I’m very interested in looking glass, and that thread is full of crap (to be blunt). I’m sure there’s plenty of information in there, but because its spread through an extremely cluttered thread it is difficult to find, and possibly out of date because no one is going in there to update old posts, they just get tacked onto the end of the thread. Could perhaps do with being split out into a how-to or even get its own forum where Q&A can happen in individual threads (with a few stickies that are updated for FAQs as changes happen).

I think given that level1 have been heavily involved in the development of it, giving it its own forum section (under the linux section) wouldn’t be overkill.


The no plot rule was created because people decided to be idiots and post an excessive amount of material that pushed it over the edge. One time during the past, we had a few people go on a sex toy posting spree in the lounge…


And say that we have 2 mega threads and one got locked for that type of reason, where does the users go to?

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

But that being said, The Lounge should still exist, but it’s just that we needed more control and discipline over it.


The sex toy thing was due to certain people (no names…) on alcohol, making my somewhat newly attained leader status harder on me.


Just remember if you make it too controlling, people (edit: who disagree with mods’ views) will leave.


That’s their prerogative.

We have rules. Break them, enjoy a vacation.

Adding control assists in preventing people from breaking rules.


I am not saying do anarchy. I am saying don’t turn this into echo chamber. “Only certain mindsets are allowed here” are not the best way to grow a forum. That is ofc if that’s the goal. From L1T videos it seems it is, since they always mention the forum and encourage people to come here.

On the flip side, making the forum too open, or better said, open for the “normies” can kill the spirit of the community in the forum.

So just keep it balanced guys. Don’t overdo it, is all I am saying.


I remember that lol.

If I remember correctly it was with Toy Story characters.

That is if we are talking about the same incident.


Have you seen any evidence of us overdoing things? We’re all just trying our best, but the lack of trust is not making things better.

The whole megathread thing is something that I wasn’t personally consulted on, and frankly, I could care less about what happens to them. I think there are a number of issues with them, it can pretty much be summed up by eden’s post above, but it’s important to understand that some of them are fine.

If you’re here, you’ve got an interest in technology. We need to get back to the roots of that. I think this year has clearly had a lot of people unhappy with pretty much every decision leadership has made.

And then, there are some who just disagree to be disagreeable.




Tis a good meme :smiley:


I didn’t say you overdid. You could handle few things better (mostly comms). I am just saying, that it can go too far. And I wouldn’t like to see that, that is all.

I feel like I might sound too negative here. Just to be clear, this is the first forum in years that I actually enjoyed participating in. Even if just lurking. So I appreciate the community y’all managed to build.


I appreciate that. I also might just be too grumpy today, woke up with a migraine. :frowning:

I’m doing what I can to help increase transparency, I do hope that people can trust that we, at the very least, are trying to act in good faith and want the best for this forum.

In regards to the forum itself, I’m the same as you. This is the only forum that I participate in. I just don’t feel the same sense of community from others.


One of those, “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” things? Balance is very delicate.

I started off as a nobody on here four years ago, but I care about this place. I want to see it shine.




People forget that moderation is thankless job, including me. So yeah. I was just voicing my opinions on the matter, and concerns.

Thanks for keeping L1T together :slight_smile:


For the record, we’re taking all these discussions seriously, it’s just that we usually only hear the negative feedback, so sometimes it gets us down.