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It’s dead, Jim




A prime example is the Looking Glass help thread. The same questions over and over again that were answered like 200 posts up. They arn’t reading that. If they were separate searchable threads, then it would be easier to help to the drive by users who only join to solve their issue.


oh lol so then why does redirect to

also, why does their video reference

fuck get your branding right?!


I got so tired of that thread I had to mute it, and I was one of the prerelease testers!


They rebranded back to TS but their forums are hosted by a 3rd party so they have to leave the domain name alone. At least for now, I’m unsure if they have plans to migrate.

They also didn’t git rid of TS only took it offline for like a week and then turned it into a wordpress aggregator site for popular tech tubers.


Not necessarily. Would you always read a manual to answer a question? I guess some people might but others want to read it just to learn. Thats my point. Also what you said, that I cut out, was irrelevant to the point I was making. If you had a question you could search it or ask. Thats not always how knowledge is gained though.

I never said it wasnt your idea, but not everyone agreed with this originally. Perhaps because that got buried in the thread :stuck_out_tongue:


see eariler


Well, there are some mods that like to take credit by saying the exactly same as was said before with another formulated version of the exact same, or a simplified version. One of those mods is in this thread right now :wink:


Alright, buddy.



I would only read a manual to answer a question.
And only if I didn’t have internet at hand.
And only if I’m really really bored.

Look, you can come up with theories about how maybe someone might have missed something that they weren’t even looking for all day long. And of course that is brilliant because I can’t disprove that by design.

Or you can listen to someone who wrote large chunks of those megathreads and read every single word of them, that pretty much whenever someone had a question, that person was encouraged to create a new topic about that.

Because in my mind it makes more sense to structure a forum for people that know their question than for people that don’t.


Having to find the question first would be tech support.

  1. Figure out the problem
  2. Find one possible solution
  3. Try possible sollution, if it does not work, goto step 2


You cant disprove it because its inherently true for everyone. You’re telling me you’ve never been searching for information about something general and then learned something specific about a said topic you didn’t know before? I call BS.

I dont get what you’re arguing here. I said its a good idea to split the threads to be more targeted and you said you agreed and that it was in fact your idea. What structure are we talking about now because I thought we agreed this was a better way to go.


Yeah, I can’t disprove it. It’s a teapot argument.
Maybe we should stick to stuff that can be shown in numbers.

We do agree. But that Ryzen thread would still be huge even with every post on APUs, mobile chips or 2nd gen stripped out of it. It would still be pretty mega. And I am still for that. I got the impression you were making a case against that. Was I wrong?


I dont know If I would call it that since its something that definitely happens, at least for me. I concur that its not quantifiable though, and so I agree that in that regard its pointless to argue about.

I’m not arguing against megathreads at all. I’m only arguing against megathreads that are super broad. Your original idea of APUs, mobile, 2nd gen, etc, being their own thread sounds perfect to me. If I gave that impression, my mistake. My point the whole time is it makes it easier for those who might not even know what they are looking for to narrow down the subject matter while still maintaining open discussion about it. There are other posts in this thread that didnt agree with this idea and I think I just drug you into that somehow.


Oh yeah, then I misunderstood you completely. Sorry bout that. :+1:


I think mega_threads can be very useful. Can you imagine what the forum would look like if every question in the small Linux questions thread was it’s own topic? It would be mayhem. The forum would be a cluttered mess. The wonderful people who are frequent in there genuinely seem like they don’t mind answering random questions, even if there are repeats. If your question doesn’t get an answer you can always ask again or quote yourself. Searching the thread is easy, too.

Same for general topic mega_threads. Vega or Ryzen, whatever. It’s just a place for people to gather and talk about something. Maybe questions and answers happen, but so what? If someone else has the question and didn’t see it in the mega_thread they can ask it separately and either someone can answer it or link them to the answer.

A lot of this comes down a couple things, in my mind. The moderators wanting to make this place as functional and clean and streamlined and engaging as possible, a lot of the time at the cost of what the general populace actually wants. And the other thing is we are fighting/dealing with a different “kind” of forum. Discourse isn’t like a classical forum. I think some of us are wanting it to be like a classical style forum.


I think @marasm summed up what I would have said better than how I would have said it.

Personally, I like the Mega threads… it’s a nice mix of banter and info.


But can we trust you guys not to misbehave in mega threads and not turning it into another circlejerk thread?