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The Mega-Mega-Thread-Thread



you are correct and we would have to change necro rules to 6+ months to 1year .


I would keep the current rules in the help desk though.


Is there any indication that one is harming the other?


As it stands the unofficial cut off is 3 months unless

It’s a legitimate update to the thread
It’s OP
Some other super specific case I can’t create at the moment


Valuable information gets buried in replies creating too much effort for readers to track thread unless OP is on top of there game with updating the OP, like you for example.


guilty i dont update OP on my posts and require readers to read whole topic including any fluff. ( lounge hard as hell to keep up with resulting with me skipping to bottom after not looking for a few days. not reading 2k posts.


I dont know. I’m not a mod so anything I would say is purely speculation on what they thought. They obviously thought there was merit to the idea and to some degree I cant see why its a bad idea. It means more organization of threads and their content.


No shame in saying I read every post. I’m here everyday so I am able to keep up with it.

also because I’m a leader and I have to see if any bullshit happens




then again lounge is special as it has no set topic and is more like a general chat and a raw info dumping grounds.


This is what irritated me, they (mods) just flicked the switch and did what they wanted without asking or polls. Same with no lounge policy, I never seen a discussion about it. (Maybe I missed tho?)

Was there a single instance of actually “lewd” material? It’s against the rules. Suddenly because it’s anime doesn’t make it better or worse.

It’s okay to joke about violence in the “Main Lounge” but a lewd-ish comment for a joke is wrong?

I was under the impression that it’s discouraged to ask specific questions in mega_threads and I’ve seen users constantly remind that to people. Mega threads are for general discussions on the topic. Do you really want 100x of threads “Hey what do you think about X in Y?”

Imo that’s waste of bandwidth.

Again it usually steers itself back on topic. Anime Lounge Culture Club even made a rule about no more than 20 memes in the row. In order to have less shitposting in the thread.

This. This is how I got into L1T forums. I started with the lounge to get to know people. I understood that it’s a place to goof off. Then I gradually started to read more topics, post own stuff, and interact with users. Before that I just scrolled lounge and occasionally other topics.

Lounge made me actually interact with many people at the same time. So did Anime Lounge (RIP).


Again, this.

Forcing users to make smaller threads that may be flagged as duplicates of others will make this feel like Stack Overflow. Something you go to, scroll through, and leave. No ENGAGEMENT.

While I’m still on this. I want to ask the mods and leaders and L1T themselves. What do you want this forum to be? A Stack Overflow help desk with no discussions and just pure data that is easily found. If so, then sure, I can see the sentiment against the mega_threads.

So, again. Do we strive this to be a pure help desk kind of thing? If it’s a forum for people to have discussions on broad topics are, it’s inevitable that some info gets buried. IRL it’s the same, you wanted to say something, but the moment passed. Or you said it, and people shrugged it off and changed the topic. You don’t shove it back.

Anyways, that’s my thoughts on this, if anybody cares.


The special sauce however is the thread format. It’s been asked why doesn’t it just go away and be replaced by an irc/riot/discord.

Discourse is a robust platform that just works. I’ve alluded to this before but I own a discord that is comprised of almost exclusively lounge users, we all get along and have a good time. However, it is in addition to, not a replacement of, the real thing.


I think to some extent this is true of the original ryzen mega thread.

Also @noenken you made the argument that a quick question could be searched for, and I agree with that but what if you dont know the question to ask? By that I mean what if there is some nugget of information I would have never thought to ask about but someone posts and I genuinely learn something I can use that I would have never otherwise learned. The way it was currently being done I probably would never see it because of the exact reason @looming-hawk mentioned. Theres just a ton of posts to dig through to find the gold in the thread. I’m ADHD man, you gotta give me smaller chunks to make it through to the end otherwise I just end up skipping it all. It would be nice if everyone updated the OP with a tl;dr but that’s not going to happen every time.


If you have a question, you can ask in your own topic. If you don’t have a question than you are just browsing and if you find something of value for you is determined by sheer luck.

Most people here are mainly just saying that it is too much. But I would argue megathreads are only an effect, a result. The forum is getting bigger anyway and specifically because of the new tech releases over the last years and all the L1T coverage about it. I mean, that is the point of that message in every L1T video for people to join the forum, isn’t it?


I think all the talk about how users will find useful info and stuff seems like whataboutism. “What about users who don’t know what the want.” Well how would you help em IRL? You’d tell them to do their own research a bit. Or help them do it.

In fact I believe that mega_threads help with that. IMO it’s a poor taste to create a thread like “Does anyone know if X does Y?” or “I want to do Y is there some X that can help me do it?” But those are perfectly fine comments in the mega_thread. People over there who know the stuff, or know they seen it in the thread can point it out.


It can’t be both? It already is both. Both are allowed, the way i see it is that admins, just want to fine-tune it, if possible. They are still learning how to go about the forum and the threads. They want to have an impact on that, as to not allow some things but still allow other things, as many have said before it’s the l1t forums and it has to have some influence in what’s going on and where

Being a forum leader, does not mean you automatically know what-to-do in every situation, they are also learning their way around on-the-go and the users need to respect that, even though in most cases i’ve seen it’s more often been the admins that we’re wrong


Yeah, I didn’t mean it to come out as it’s binary choice.

And IMO, by removing mega_threads left and right, you’re only helping one side of the equation.

Sure, just let users weigh in on the decisions. They’ll have to live with it.


One of those threads were re-named, not removed. There is a difference, also it’s allowed to use more than 2 sec to name a topic and after, even the possibility to rename it is there

Agree a lot with this. L1T mods could do better, at listening to it’s users


What if it doesnt have to be this way though. For example, If im searching for knowledge on the ryzen 2000 platform I would have to dig through the 1000 info to get to the stuff I want to read about. Is it so bad to want to split the info up into more manageable topics?

I’m not saying you’re wrong, im saying I think theres merit to the idea.

I mean you’re not wrong but how else would you suggest we make it easier to RTFM if not by organizing the information so its quicker and easier to get to the relevant info?


If you are searching for information about the 2000 series Ryzen CPUs than you have a question, don’t you? Your question is “Hey, what about those new Ryzen chips?”

And I already agreed that that is completely fine with me, that is why I did the renaming to what it is now. And by the way, that was in fact my idea in the first post of this topic, if you remember. :wink: