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The Mega-Mega-Thread-Thread



i think those long threads are intimidating and i have just kept away from them, i read most of the others if i have time


Personally, I feel that the mega threads are not that useful. I look at them to get the “latest” info for the given topic. Beyond that, I try to contribute to the threads made by those that need help.

The lounge is a different animal, that has its purpose; to keep shitposting out of otherwise productive topics.


The problem i have with mega threads is that they are too damn hard to read. Some of them go on for like 10,000 posts and 1/3 of the posts are just shit posts anyhow




Just post context isn’t needed nor does it matter as long as it is in the scope of the thread.

@Dynamic_Gravity it is par for course every community has a seedy bar or neighborhood.

Unless, you want this to be Reddit where everything is compartmentalize. But all that leads to is self segregation.

Not everyone here is a programmer, network admin, overclocker, maker, gamer, graphic designer and/or security tester. If too much separation occurs these people won’t talk as much.


Yeah I don’t like the direction that reddit is going these days.



And who can blame them? When I have no substential knowledge over a subject, I just keep my mouth shut.


But general purpose threads cause conversations between disparate people.


And causing conversation is good (=community engagement).

We do not want to end like this


That looks like or some other junkyard. The only active user there is @kewldude007


It is. Was the only other forum I could get a wasteland-activity screenshot on the quick.


Isnt that kind of a slippery slope fallacy? or is there some other proof that it kills conversation?


It is just an example. Not proof for anything.


Reddit is good proof go to any given sub and there will be have mind mentality on at least two subjects where dissenting opinion will be down voted till Oblivion or dog piled.

The one other forum besides this I have a high level of respect for is Usual Suspects. It is a forum about knife collecting but they have photography, cooking and tech there. Their mega threds are what have most the post. But having a bunch of people from around the globe, from many walks of life make it lively and vibrant.

Monocultures can be easily wiped out by a single calamity. Let’s not be a monoculture encourage chat and discussion. The lounge and other large threads are a good vehicle for that.


Fair enough, I dont have any proof to say otherwise. Only personal anecdotal feelings. I think we all agree that we want meaningful conversation.

Tell me that doesnt happen here with AMD stuff to some degree. Maybe not as extreme as it might be on reddit but I think theres definitely some favoritism/fanboying/elitism. Intel/nvidia hate if you will.

(Note that I dont prefer one or the other and am not defending either of these companies or their shitty practices.)

I’m going to argue just for the sake of discussion. I dont think that halting megathreads disrupts this. Something something correlation causation.


Because the demographics here that will be a it of an issue. The younger crowd are more eager to prove themselves. But isn’t as bad as it could be.

I guess my side is more against over compartmentalize discussion rather than the mega threads. I just view them as a convenient way to do it.

Now I am going to talk about a dirty topic here: 4ch and 8chan. 4chan is much less of a monoculture because there is way less separation of users go glance around and you will see. Note: not safe for work or life. Also once fragment occurs to a certain “critical mass” it becomes much hard to administrate and some bad behavior can occur without notice. 8chan and Reddit have both had that issue.


i guess i am one of the few who is neutral about the mega thread rule. the roll out could have been better ( people do not like blind side changes) but i also look at mega threads as needed and not needed . we as the users have to understand that this is not our sandbox we just get to play in it. yes we help shape it but it is not ours.


I agree with this sentiment. I dont think its realistic to expect perfection but I dont think we should settle either. I try to be as not biased as possible but I dont expect that I can be perfect. I would expect the same attitude from others but maybe this in of itself is unrealistic.

I think the point really is more focused discussion instead of a tech themed lounge. I agree we dont want to over do it but would it really be that bad to make the discussion at hand about a new ryzen part its own thread?

I was a faggot for a good amount of time so I cant really disagree with this observation. They say /b/ has cancer but really /b/ was the cancer all along.

Same. Really i’m only posting here because I like to argue. In reality the new rule doesn’t affect me in the slightest because I didn’t really care much about the mega threads either way. They just existed to me. I didn’t participate and didn’t really even read them. I think the way it was dealt with though was a little jackbooted. If those participating were not at least told that their posts were getting off topic or that the thread was too chaotic before just locking the thread then it was handled incorrectly IMO.


so much this


To do that there may need to be some easing of the necro rule to really let it flurish.