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The Mega-Mega-Thread-Thread



No it won’t.

There are heap of people who have yet getting used to Linux, and even so, it can’t be accomplised without a small fuck up sometimes they don’t know how to fix, even if they’ve done their search on the web; sometimes the solution they found can be different than they have, so it’s back to the problem, what really caused it and what is the compatible solution for it. I’ve gone through this, and I know how much of a mess it is to be a proud Linux user.

lel, almost typed in ‘Lunux’, gg


That was combined. The Ryzen thread had 1.5k even with all the Ryzen+ stuff already.
But I get it of course, it’s a bit much.

They may be or they are? Are there numbers that indicate that? Or is this purely a theory?
And if it is the case, how about putting that in the rules?


General discussion threads are for announcements, opinions and speculations. If you have a question or a project to share, we encourage you to make a new topic.

Also, whenever there is a question that could be it’s own topic, someone pointed that out.

I just don’t see that the mega threads (let’s call it general discussions from now) are really competing with anything else. And without the mega threads we have the lounge for shitposting and everything else must be separated. Maybe there is a space for something in between those two, especially for stuff that so many people care about. I mean if there were no interest in that kind of thing, those threads would not have exploded like they did, right?

I mean, my Ryzen thread wasn’t even planned to be the thing it became. It happened anyway, even with me going pretty much full retard against that at first. And when Vega came around I just thought “alright, it’s gonna be that anyway so…”.

Actually I meant the feature. Click on the search icon while in a topic, top right, and there is the checkbox right beneath it.
If that isn’t clear to users, maybe that is something to fix? Because that makes a lot of threads really useful. There is the linux software list for example, just go in there and search it for RSS and tada, a bunch of suggestions for RSS readers.


For what it’s worth, i agree 100% with the decision.

Keep threads to a specific discussion (e.g., ryzen linux stability, or whatever) - having a “mega thread” for a particular piece of hardware just results in information being buried amongst 99% garbage (i.e., signal:noise ratio just totally unacceptable) and the thread itself just ends up being a fanboy circle-jerk (not specific to AMD, or intel, or even tech in general actually, applies equally across product lines). Or rather, about as useful as one, for the purposes of technical information, if you’re actually trying to search for it.

The moderator team just kinda worded the above paragraph more eloquently and politely, IMHO.



That being one of the issues with these mega-threads, if having a super Anime thread filled lewd materials and comments aren’t enough.


Suggestion to make Mega-Threads more useable:
We got the “Mark as solution” system for helpdesk threads, why not have “mark as question” for some thread type aswell (making them stand out a bit with a color change or symbol)?

I like Mega Threads. Can take a look at the timeline of stuff released (or to be released) stuff.


I actually think mega_threads are by their nature not useful for anything practical. Any ‘lounge’ style things should be done in the discord or irc.


That breaks the concept of the forum and drives the active core userbase away.


Nothing is achieved by the lounge. The thread is void of substance. If this is the core userbase, then its no surprise the forum isn’t growing, there’s nothing of value.

The problem that is trying to be solved, is how do we get valuable threads full of substance to be seen. Stopping mega threads is an attempt to drive more threads to contain substance, instead of getting it squandered in a mega thread that most people won’t engage in and read deeply.


We once have a rule where “this isn’t 4chan, so don’t act like it is”, but since the dissapearance of that rule it seems things are biting back with social media-like posts.

Plus, most of the activities I have heard associated with mega threads always results in… (wait for it)


That said, specific things make sense for this are immune. Like the post your battle stations threads.


Lounge-style threads are exactly what are breaking the concepts of a forum, (and it’s still allowed) not the other way around. If someone wants a wall-of-text that has a lot of off-topic, why do it on a forum at all? That’s exactly what chats are for. L1T, is not anyones personal playground and the site has to keep up to certain standards, at some point

And then:

  1. Extreme waste of bandwith and thereby L1T ressources.
  2. Extremely annoying for people looking for solutions
  3. When the thread goes off-topic it invites users to shitpost
  4. Being a supporter means supporting, not using L1T ressources for whatever one would like or dislike (at least not in the proportion it’s done in)

Now let’s say everyone wanted lounge-style threads, why not ask L1T to incorporate a chat-like system instead or something similar? Surely a chat must take up less ressources than a forum online 24/7 :slight_smile:


And game threads. Guess most of you have forgotten about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Because they get buried by all the mega_threads



You mean like the free Discord, or IRC?


People come here to spend their free time, not have very serious workplace meetings. If L1T tries to be a business forum, it is failing miserably.

When you count the Lounges and MegaThreads out, you are left with a helpdesk.


A thread can have substance and not be about business.


I have said this just earlier. We can have mega threads about off-topic discussions, while trying not to have too many that the concept of a “forumboard” is completely broken here - but tech megathreads just introduces the troubles we get or may get, so I standby the decision of eliminating that.

However, given Discord’s better objectives and suitability to handle instant messaging/Internet Relat Chat-style user chats, I think it would be better to use it.


So does repeated shitpostings and fanboying. Which was happening in those threads. I didnt even go near them because there was no point. Searching through the mess was like digging for your results on the 10th page of a google search.

This is my opinion, take it as such. I am only one person. The hive may not agree.


This has been attempted at least 4 times since I have been here for the past 8 years all that happens is the overall posting for the forum goes down.

Larger threads on all forums are where most posting happens.

I am a part of two other tech communities, two other communities, two knife forums, flashlight forum and watch forum. Guess what? The mega threads are where most of the post are.

They are also not intimidating to new users who may not know all the culture and features of said forum. Easy place to learn the ropes.


I agree that those areas are where the action is. But quantity != quality.

The vision, is to have posts of substance and quality. I guess this is just hard to achieve due to the atmosphere, or just the crowd that this place attracts.