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Continuing the discussion from No More Mega Threads On Tech Hardware:

Well, not communicate … obviously. … or grammar.

Would have been pretty damn easy to rename the Ryzen Mega Thread into Summit Ridge Mega Thread and make another one for the 2000 series. But hey, maybe I’m stupid because I’m not a fancy shmancy moderator, right?

And why was the Vega thread shut down? That is a thread about 2 GPUs. … like literally two.

You wanna make one for the APUs? Fine, do so. Nothing is stopping you.

You want a quick question answered? Chances are your best shot was one of those Mega Threads because … fun fact: you can ‘search this topic’.

You have a bigger problem? What is keeping anyone from making a thread for their specific problem?
There is tons of those, just search for ‘ryzen’ and ‘memory’…

… I don’t get it. What exactly is the reasoning behind this?

I am sure you can point me to a couple of those problems you mentioned.
I mean, there must be tons of those. Otherwise you would never make a new rule about that, right?

This is the dumbest shit around here since Logan went amok.
The only thing you accomplish with this is sending 2.5k posts down the shitter.
Because now they actually do get buried under all the other threads.

Way to go, mods…


the only reason you’re mad about this is because it was your thread

If you weren’t made aware of this ahead of time then I am not happy either. For example the anime lounge got axed but there was plenty of warning and coordination

Honestly tempted to unlock…


No, that is one of the reasons, it is not the only one.
And for the record: that was two threads.

I wasn’t aware of anything.
And like I said, even if… what is the point of shutting them down?


He stated the reasoning


You’ve made a pretty good case. This could have been handle a lot better. Like reaching out first would have been better.

I’ll unlock the Vega and Ryzen Threads but you’ll need to rename them and remove the mega thread tag.
A Ryzen Plus/2 thread will need to be made to keep the two separate.

Does this work for you?


Sure thing. :+1:


Okay. Done.


I see you renamed them. Thanks for doing that.
I’m sorry this wasn’t handle well at first but you stepped up and rightly demanded why. Before we do anything as major as this in the future, we will do better at communicating and reaching out before the change is implemented.


Glad to hear that. And it is good to know that you are being heard around here if something is bothering you. That is one of the reasons I like this place.

Keep it up. :+1:

Now who is making a Ryzen+ one?
I can’t make another one of those… xD



Sub categories for FX and Ryzen 1000, Ryzen 2000 and just assume that the X470 board thread is going to be going under Ryzen 2000 etc

Same for GPU’s, that’ll be AyyMD, R9, RX, Vega & Nvidia, 800, 900, 1000

Tags are great, but I dont think anyone uses those, and cant make them …soo, they are meaningless :man_shrugging:t2:


Megathreads make sense for things like guns or anime where it’s only a hand full of people on here and that’s the only way to keep a conversation on the topics going whereas literally everyone on this forum has some interest in technology…


This should be the name of next months lounge :slight_smile:


By that logic even the small linux problem thread would be in danger.

How about breaking it up into releases? Like now you would have already two Raven Ridge threads, one for the 2200G/2400G and one for the GE models.


I wouldnt say it is because threads are judged on a case by case basis


I get why you would want some wiggle room but it’s just always a good idea to communicate why this or that is ok and the other thing isn’t. Otherwise you end up with a locked thread and don’t know why. :wink:

It might also not be a terrible idea to discuss planned changes openly before they are set in motion.
Stuff like this could be avoided.

Maybe this discussion should take place somewhere else.
Don’t want to make this into an actual mega thread by accident.


Well I sure missed something…


That’s also a stupid name for a thread. Were it my personal forum, i would not allow it, simply because the name implies a shitstorm of problems. Adding all sorts of problems of a certain giant category. This is not a chat, there is discord for that, use that instead.
(This is still a forum, not a real-time chitty chat place)

Do as the admins want (it actually makes sense) and make the threads like the one you renamed. Then your threads might not turn into 4chan and users pissing each other off, because of an invitation from you to a clusterfuck of a thread.


Transparency is always nice :+1:

That could be a viable answer. Maybe not break it up into every single part number, but lump together loosely based on microarchitecture? Like AMD would have Summit Ridge, Raven Ridge, and Pinnacle Ridge and Intel could have Sky Lake, Coffee Lake, and Cannon Lake.

I think it would be nice to keep microarchitectures separated. Just using Ryzen as an example, Pinnacle Ridge is the next generation of Summit Ridge and brings new stuff to the table while cleaning up some stuff at the same time. Raven Ridge is different than both Summit Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge because of the iGPU.

It’s a balancing act. First comes to worst if there’s not enough interest than a thread will simply die.

You know you can make one, right? Hell, I’ve made my own before and I don’t know jack shit about webdev.


I agree that hardware mega_threads make no sense. Yeah, they contain a lot of answers and a local search can help it usually doesn’t work so well when the thread reaches a certain mass. People want an answer and they want it now. They don’t have time to wade through threads with hundreds of replies.


This kind of makes the point though. A topic with 2.5k posts is a useless topic for anyone except those that have been in the topic from the beginning, and at the same time people may be discouraged to make a new topic because one already exists even if it’s inaccessible to new users or people to the topic.

Suggesting people search the topic is fine for you as you know everything in the topic already it doesn’t affect you. In reality that’s just a pain to ask someone to do. They don’t know what’s in the thread at all or if it’s worth searching, do they need to read the whole thing? Humans aren’t the most efficient things in the world.

I don’t disagree with your point about your thread though maybe it doesn’t need to be closed. I’m thinking though (thoughts welcome) that the ‘mega_thread’ label that some of these long running threads that are on a topic like this series of cards might be more detrimental than beneficial? What we don’t want to do is raise the barrier of entry to a discussion by making it seem like you can’t post about a subject except in a specific thread. We also don’t want to end up with just a series of large threads and no discussion outside of them, for example.

I’m not sure that topic is the most useful thing in the world. It suffers from the same problems. No one sees the subjects that come up unless you frequent that thread, only a small subset of people do. This means that both the people who could help are limited and the people who have the same issue might never see an answer because they don’t look there.

It’s not as useful as it was intended to be.