The Maxsun brand and Guangzhou Shangke Information Technology Co

So I just watched the Maxsun mobo review @wendell did the other day. Looks like an okay board…very interesting.

Looks like they are trying hard to push their gear across the pond which is interesting. I’m a bit skeptical buying parts like a mobo from companies in mainland China. If I have the opportunity, I will try to get something similar from a company that has it’s roots outside of the mainland.

Maxsun is apparently a brand under the Guangzhou Shangke Information Technology Co., Ltd. I had a tough time finding much on them. If anyone has some web resources on this company that you folks can provide me that would be great. I like to do my research when possible lol.

To be clear from what I understand it is relatively “budget” but vrm was surprisingly good for budget board.

The bios was pretty simple – not a lot of OC options. It was pointed out to me that the OC options for ram (for example) are not great, and I agree with that. I hadn’t thought about it.

IOMMU isn’t great either. But for an inexpensive board that has the features most people need and can run a coffee lake chip at 5ghz with the ridiculous voltage? It can do that, if somewhat inelegantly haha.

I dont think that those Maxsun boards are going mainstream arround the world unfortunatlly.
Because i´m very currious how they layed out the vrm on this board.
The ISL69138 is a very flexible pwm.
I could only think of 2 possible configurations, but i have to do some poking at it.

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This is what I’ve read about the board too. Good review btw.

I can agree with you there!

What I am more concerned about it is the company that owns the brand and some online resources about them to give me a better perspective on how they do business. I’ve dug up a few things but it’s really just snippets of info that lead to nothing substantial.

Who knows. Maybe in some years things will change. Maybe it’s the Kia of mobos ATM in the late 90’s early 2000’s lol

GM Liquid Media said he;s built systems for friends with them and they’re pretty big in south korea, which was pretty encouraging. They for sure did the reference designs for some nvida and amd reference cards, which is impressive. Other than that they are a mystery to me too.

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As far as the vrm on this motherboard is concerned.
Intel mainstream cpu´s need 4 major voltage imput rails,
which are Vcore (VCC), igpu (VCCGT), System agent (VCCsa) and Vccio.
So its not like that this board has 14 phases for powering vcore only.
Motherboard manufacturers like to trow with big numbers on total phase counts.
But thats of course not how it works in the real world.
There is no pwm in existance used on mobo´s today, that has a higher total phase count of 8 true phases.

The ISL69138 supports a maximum of 7 phases over 2 imput rails.
Which means it can either run in 7+0, 6+1, 5+2 and 4+2 phase modes.
The main pwm provides the phases for Vcore and igpu.
So the main vrm is either in 4+2 phase mode doubled to 8+4,
8 phases being for Vcore and +4 phases are being used for igpu.
Or the vrm runs in 5+2 phase mode doubled to 10+2,
which in that case 10 phases being used for vcore and +2 phases being used for igpu.

The vccsa and vccio voltages are powered by sepperate vrm´s in most cases on Z370.

Regulation wise this vrm is pretty neat, its very similar in layout to what you find on other Z370 boards like the Asrock Z370 Taichi and Z370 Professional Gaming.
The only downside i could think off are the used mosfets on this particular board.
But thats of course also the reason why this board is on a cheaper range.
But like @wendell also mentioned 5GHz OC doesnt seem to be much of an issue,
as long as you have a decent airflow.

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You know where most of the items in your house were made right? Unless you specifically buy USA products or whatever country?

China is trying to get more money to boom their industry as fast as possible. A: they are worried about north kolea and want to extinguish it, and B: theres a lot of stuff in high high demand there. So their stuff is coming here (the us) as well as other countries and they trade to them. They’re learning how trust works and eventually they might open up a little.

Anyways, yeah. Neat mobo and stuff.