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The Man in the High Castle Season 2 [Spoiler Discussion]

Amazon has realized Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle. This is thread in which to discussion this whole season. Do not enter this thread if you have not seen all of season 2 yet.

Thoughts, questions, and comments are welcome in this thread in relations to season 2.

Season two seems about doing the right thing no matter who you are or what you have done. Surprising Kido and Smith basically saved the world.

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Oh I agree with that. And the price to pay for doing the right thing was high.

The risk and length John Smith went to was intense. I was legit terrified for him going to Germany in the season final. There was no guarantee of who he could really trust. Yet he went anyway. The payoff he saved the world, the price he paid was that his son who saw his father being a hero did what he felt was right. I'm very curious to see what John Smith will do with the loss of his son in Season 3.

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Kido's development was the most unexpected.

Frank's end was expected but carried weight. Definitely rattled Kido.

And the speech the man in the high castle gave was inspirational.

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Yeah I never saw Kido as the person that would do what he did in Season 2. He went down an interesting path and you learnt more about him. It was great.

I'm glad to be done with Frank, it was always going to lead to his end.

That speech was profound. They cast the right actor for the part and that speech cemented what happened in season 2. It was great.

It subverted a lot of tropes for sure.

I loved the arc Tagomi went through this season. I love that he did have to do some work to fit in the real world and once he was accepted he gave it up to take a chance to save his world. Very well done.

His "you don't know what you have until you have lost it" was enjoyable.

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