The Man-Cave

The Man-Cave

My Man Cave arrived
Meet your Dreams!

it was specially made for me
extras I added on like:
extra room inside
double glazing
different windows than standard
extra window in the extra room
Tall Construction (2 beams higher than standard
Bigger josts 3x4 not 2x4
Extra room will be toilet facilities & little storage
These are the day its built. shall get more soon,

Add 8 Triple Sockets (Power)
Add 2 Double Sockets (Power)
70mm Celotex Insulation in Roof & Floor
10mm Armoured cable Fitted
Spotlights placed & fitted (inside & out)
Floor - To be Bought & fitted
Satellite cable to run
2x Cat 6 to be run to the Man-Cave
paint man cave - complete

Few things i'm setting up in their
50m of Cat6 for Broadband connection
2x 8 port switches
1x 24 port switch
Sky TV
Home Cinmea
spare bed for guests & if i'm to lazy

Network Layout



Finish Bathroom Soon

Cabin Finished


i7 5930K 6 core 12 Threads 32GB DDR4 2400mhz - 1x 1TB SSD, 2x 128GB SSD's, 1x 256GB SSD, 2 x 980GTX, 1300w Superflower PSU, Corsair - carbide 540 case





I just found my ultimate goal...


I salute you sir!

Dude, gorgeous space, really nice top notch... You're not looking for a live in butler with a BSc. eh? Or a friend who stays over all the time? XD

Very nice!


My envy knows no limits when seeing something like this :o

A little bigger frig I could live in that. :)

You at least need a 50" TV!

That is one badass man-cave well done sir. Decent place for a lan party with a few friends at least.

Why does it have a bed?

Very nice! Well done.

that is a 50" TV....

I need a 85...

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I'd go with a projector before a huge-ass TV... Unless 4k was something that was desired.

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Where's the bar cabinet? WHERE'S THE BAR CABINET??!


To bed the ladies who are swooned by his man cave.

Probably just to pass out after gaming til 3am.


Woah neat, nicely done !

Whoa nicely done! Do you have any storage server in your network?

With the amount of money/time/effort that went into not only the building of the cave, but the specs on that rig, I sure as shit hope so. lol

Battery backup, NAS, something.

Ikr haha. I like that he thought about basically everything. + He only has SSD's in his rig so I'm sure he's got some massive storage unit in the house that can stream movies etc to the home cinema set

Nice catch, I didn't see he didn't have any major storage locally. I wouldn't (want to) believe it if he didn't have any server / network storage somewhere.

16tb raid 1