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The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct


Well now that I can’t watch that video I really want to watch it. It looks like YouTube claims it contains the songs:

“Here Come the Warm Jets” by Brian Eno and “Superstar” by The Carpenters.

I don’t know if he had those songs in there in any form, but it wouldn’t be shocking if it was a copyright strike. Their system is notorious for false positives.


This is a legit concern.

I remember way back when, distros actually had a hardware compatibility list.

Now? It’s a fucking crap shoot. “Oh your hardware should work” is the general response but if i’m building a new system FOR linux, that just isn’t good enough.


I would agree on that. I play AAA titles from old school AAA titles… Skyrim ETC. I not groking the new games much.

Off topic but games are made cheap now because people vs people is cheap…and you dont need to make any content. Just let the humans at each other. They will even pay monthly subs to play no content just with each other.


I’ve been reading the mailing list to get a feel for the amount of opposition from the kernel developer community. What I have seen is that the kernel developers are largely a professional group of people who do not worry about their ability to treat their collaborators with mutual respect.

For such a large group of contributors, there has been virtually no opposition to the CoC. Take a look through the message log:
People are getting their work done and not seeming all that concerned.

Overall I’m not worried by what’s in this file, people will make a
lot of noise about it for two weeks, will explain how hypocrit they
feel it is or how insufficient it is to protect their sensitivity,
nobody will change much the way they communicate, but over time
people will learn to think “maybe he didn’t really mean this”, and
that will already be a step forward. We’ll see in Greg’s next annual
report if this has a negative implication on the number of commits
per hour, since in the end it’s all that matters (and I bet it won’t).

This contributor’s insight is that the CoC helps remind everyone to not be intentionally abusive, and in turn everyone will be reminded that the people they are interacting with are not trying to be abusive.

In all, I have seen more support than opposition from the contributors. It’s not surprising, since being subject to less torment is likely a relief to them more than a burden. But most of the contributors seem unaffected by the change, remaining busy at work. After all, it’s community of kernel developers, not a community of recreational debaters.

I for one am looking forward to seeing what innovations and improvements are in store as more contributors are attracted to the Linux community.


The previous Code of Conflict did the same thing, without explicit threat of punishment should you not follow it’s vague rules.


The community of kernel developers came to the consensus that the previous CoC was not effective. I trust their direct experience in the matter.


Or are they forced to enforce it lest they be banned as well? As it’s plainly stated in the Contributor Covenant they’re using


They still have the freedom to discuss it, yet as I said, there seems to be very little opposition. Furthermore, I haven’t seen those opposed being banned as you suggest would be the threat.


Stop fearmongering. That Twitter post you linked is getting REKT with responses.


In the end do SJW want to live in the dark basements of the kernel that gets no applause. All the hard work to make it just work for zero attention.

Im sure SJW will seek more attention


Once they are done they will move to something else.


If you guys have the time, give this thread a read.

The guys on the mailing list are handling it very well. They have adequate apprehension about it, but without losing their heads. It really gives me hope. Really we’ll have to wait and see what happens once Linus returns, hopefully he considers peoples thoughts on the topic and makes a change that is effective for everyone.


Yep that person started out concerned that they wouldn’t be able to interact appropriately, but ultimately he was reassured by his peers that his history of behavior has been perfectly acceptable and is not in conflict with the revised document. By the end of the thread he’s actually telling someone else to calm down about it.


How many people know how to be on the mailing list :)… I signed up for gentoo mailing lists a decade ago and my gmail account is full.


Have you ever heard of “deleting messages”… just sayin


Try to un sub from an old school mailing list…it email this message to this person :slight_smile:


I’m signed up to a couple mailing lists at work. The trick is to automatically filter them into their own folders.



Oh hey I’m missing a few rules still

The other thing to do is make a separate rule for notifications and don’t process list traffic through it (essential to stop the constant bell ringing).


I had rules and gmail told me I had used 13Gb of my 17 free Gb. and it was all email :slight_smile: