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The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct


For the record, polygon/kotaku did change their ethics policies.

And a good number of the male feminism ally types fell into:
"many of these men stand accused of stalking, sexual predation and worse. "


Yeah, the people won Gamergate.

Whenever someone comes out as a Male Feminist, my friends and I start a betting pool on how long until the sexual misconduct allegations are out. Made a fair bit of cash on that.


The only thing Gamergate did was reinforce the mainstream media’s bias that Gamer’s are basement dwelling losers. That is not a victory.

I would suggest you all calm down and not repeat history


I’m not sure it’s a bad thing when more normie gamers get red pilled on the media because they constantly attack groups of people and attempt to smear them.


The best thing we can do is simply ignore it. There is no winning in this for either side. If someone is new to Linux and struggling, we help him get on his feet. That is what we have done since I have been here and I say we just continue.


I’ve been doing that since the first slackware release. I’ve been continually bemused, disappointed that in that time its been a recurring theme for me that I can find forums that suit me and my interests for every other domain of my life, but linux has always been lacking. I periodically wonder why I can’t point to a place on the 'net as my “go to” for linux discussion/community. Then I look around and remember why.

It’s a slightly toned down version of in-game chat. Gatekeeping, elitism, ego, distro-dogma, tea-bagging, etc…


About this time ten years ago I installed Ubuntu this video was on my desktop. I felt like I found a home. This seemed much warmer and inviting than Windows or Apple. The only problem I had was that this OS was a buggy mess that crashed constantly:) I saw potential despite the rough edges and eventually it got better.

This site has improved since I first opened my account. A lot of the knot heads that picked fights with me I haven’t seen in months. You can only fight negativity by being positive. Once you go negative, you’ve lost before you’ve started.


This is getting off topic. Gamergate happened because people who were not consumers of the media being discussed, saw fit to police it.

The twitter post about the “rape apologist” is worrying because so far, the only controversial figure [the CoC author] is by all accounts a contributing member of said field, and the accused is in it as well, presumably.

Discussing rape has nothing to do with Linux, yet is now being discussed within the Linux sphere where previously it wasn’t. This is very very worrying.


That’s exactly what I said about Gamergate in an earlier post that’s why we are in agreement on that. I’m saying that it will happen again. This is the text of the Twitter profile that talks about the rape apologist.

Diversity & inclusion consultant at @ottertechllc. @outreachy organizer. Explorer of the kyriarchy. Hufflepuff. Non-binary (agender trans masculine). They/them

I don’t see anything to do with Linux or tech for that matter. In fact, I don’t know what half of this means.

Please, don’t anyone explain to me because I have been around long enough to know that this gibberish will be “out” in less than five years and there is no point in even learning.


They don’t have to bulldoze the building to affect things. They can just badly repave half the parking lot and then turn all the closest parking spots into Disabled Only. People can still come in, they just now have to walk half a mile and trip seven times while they’re doing it.


I don’t think the kernel development will be effected any more than the video game industry itself was effected. I think this is a PR stunt. In fact, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Linus was back to his old form within a year. He’s said himself that he tried to be nice for awhile and it didn’t work.

The biggest mistake of Gamersgate is easy to see now. The trolls on both sides were fed. It looks like it’s going to start all over again.


If you don’t think the video game industry was effected, you haven’t been paying attention.


I think you are right… much like cycles of attention getting violence - malcontents see a recipe for “guaranteed publicity/notoriety” and they latch on. Much like children trying to goad for a response, the most powerful response to non-violent trolling is none…

I do hope/expect he’ll learn something. There’s a time for belligerence and insult. It’s not without its utility, but it like sarcasm/snark is easily abused and creates toxic negativity (for yourself and others). Without going rainbows and unicorns, because I’m at least as sarcastic as the next, you do need to be wary of negativity’s power on your and others’ psyche. It’s infectious/viral/easy to spread and destroys opportunity and creativity. It’s the fuel of laziness and excuse for your lack of achievement caused by your lack of self-motivation and/or fear of failure.


Well, it’s down one very high profile CEO and pre-sales are in the toilet… lol…

so… perhaps not in isolation, but the SJ “stink” certainly has had an impact. Unfortunately, the pushback has been far from virtuous itself. It’s like watching a primary school-yard fight…


I’m not sure what he is talking about. The main problem with the whole SJW “menace” to video games is that you have to buy the premise that these huge corporations are willing to alienate the main demographic to appease to a tiny minority who don’t buy video games. If he can’t be bothered to cite an example than I can’t be bothered to respond.

I’m not entirely sure that Linus is even aware of what he has been doing and I’m not sure if he can ever be. I remember a video of him talking about his childhood. He showed a photo of him next to his brother playing with a Rubick’s Cube. He said that he was more interested in the cube than his brother. When you are more emotionally attached to objects than human beings, that is a sign of autism. He then went on to say that when they had family get togethers that his sister had to tell him who each of the family members were. He found this very amusing. I found it very odd. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that when he goes to get help that he isn’t diagnosed with some disorder.


@JuliaOnly I like your attitude. Keep on keepin’ on.


Gamergate was a fart in the wind compared to the linux kernel being on most servers in the world, the ones keeping the world working.

I guess that’s where the passion and resistance comes from. Don’t fix what is not broken.

Could we be nicer to each other sure. If the world breaks because being nice is patched into your DNA. Why not :slight_smile:

What could go wrong.


You know doctors seem to like to box everyone into a hole in the wall.


His video was titled “Your project needs a code of conduct OR ELSE” Video is from 2016 I think though


I’m amazed anyone still plays AAA titles at all anymore, most people have stopped playing and started doing better things with their lives, gotten in to esports titles where they barely spend any money, or moved on to really obscure shit. The only people purchasing AAA titles at the moment are parents who still go to brick and mortar stores for things like christmas and birthday presents.