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The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct


I’ve decided to withhold judgement until I have a clearer idea of what is going on. The more I read about this the more confused I get. The Linux Foundation needs to get ahead of this situation and state clearly what is going on and how this will have an effect if any, or this will spin out of control like that Anita Sarkeesian debacle.


I am not sure what you expecting to happen. Its just a CoC similar to what many other projects already have that some self-reflection from Torvalds probably triggered. There is nothing really confusing here. It a generally fine CoC with a few issues that happens to be authored by a person that, justifiably, is not very well liked. What this person is/will be doing for her own reasons is irrelevant to what the Linux kernel community will be doing with the CoC.

People just exaggerate on the internet as usual. As someone else mentioned, even thought the actual discussion is very interesting to think about, the outrage is just a “nothing burger”. Most contributors will just continue business as usual and do not seem to mind.


Ah the good old Fork Off And Die.


I’m expecting the same thing that happened with Gamergate and what I am now witnessing with Star Wars. The alt right and Sjws will see this red meat and won’t be able to resist. We’ll be subjected to be told what Linux should and shouldn’t be by people who honestly couldn’t tell you the difference between Gnome and KDE.

I’m talking to a friend on another site. She is fed up with Windows 10. She hates the way it updates and reboots on its own accord. I asked her what she did with her computer. She told me that she mostly browsed the internet and played a few games. I told her about what Steam was doing with Proton. She was genuinely excited. However, she was a bit hesitant. She was nervous about whether she could run a new system. She was concerned about whether or not her hardware was compatible. These are common barriers to entry on Linux. If she’s sees the toxicity that we saw with Gamersgate, she will run and hide. Linux is at the best I have seen in ten years and the timing of something like this couldn’t be worse.

I would have to agree with you on your point that on the day to day work on the kernel this won’t have much effect. However, if you are a newcomer and you see nothing but posts and topic threads saying that the SJW’s are ruining Linux, how would you know otherwise?

As far as my confusion? Well, Linus avoids a maintainers’ summit and now he’s apologizing for his past behavior, taking a leave of absence, and implementing this code of conduct. I have obviously missed a link in the chain of events because I don’t see how the beginning leads to the end.


I really would like to know why this person was picked to write this thing. Why her? Is it just an “oops we didn’t check her Twitter feed”, or was she a deliberate choice? There are plenty of trans people who are not zealots and could’ve written it. The same goes for ethnicity and orientation. Why this one? Is it just because she HAPPENS to code or HAPPENS to be involved in the project? Surely this is a big step, and people would’ve wanted it to succeed. I don’t understand why they would knowingly step in a giant steaming pile of controversy by having some Twitter activist do it.

On an unrelated note, I’ve seen some people mention his daughter and I don’t think we should be bringing family members, especially children [as in relation] into this. Whether or not his daughter has gone full College Kid in Current Year is not really our concern if I’m honest.


I thought she just wrote it and Linus was like “hey lets adopt this”.


My guess is that people asked around and it was recommended by others.

“Hey we’ve decided we need a new CoC,”

“Well x uses this one and y found that it worked pretty well for them, here’s a link”

“Cool thx!”

Commits to git


The covenant already existed, for some reason they decided to use it.


That seems exceptionally poor work for a group that has maintained the core of Linux for over two decades.


They barely edited it. I suspect they didn’t bother reading it


Just like politicians.




Time for the purge of wrong think


link keeps breaking…


I was just about to say I couldn’t access it.

edit: got thru.


Isn’t the hyperbolic accusation of someone as a “rape apologist” just the sort of hostility that a CoC would be intended to prevent?

Oh, wait, its not intended to prevent hostility, only make the hostility a smoother echo chamber.

This SJ distraction has already marginalized a couple of OSS projects I’ve seen. People need to:
a. stop being jerks without nonsense rules that aren’t required when all you need to do is be an ADULT.
b. focus on the problem they are trying to solve (OSS bare-metal boot code to break the inherently insecure silo of UEFI for instance) and not bring their BS into technical problems.

Sage needs a timeout to reflect on dealing with cohorts professionally.


My fear wasn’t that Linux would take this seriously but others taking it seriously. I’m just waiting for the alt right Nazis at this point to make a complete shit show of this.


How/who do you mean?

Yep. I really hope this shit gets handled.


I’m not concerned about “left” or “right” (I suspect it will be both), but the “show” itself. The distraction from solving technical problems. The ratcheting up (not down) of bile that drives people away from the community.

Rules don’t improve society (contrary to current dogma), the personal choice to behave better improves society.


Frankly, this shitshow is doing wonders for my stock portfolio.

(this is the parent company for Orville Redenbacher)


Thank you for making my point better than I did. We should learn from Gamergate. Who won Gamergate? No one did. Neil Degrasse Tyson said that if you engage in an argument for more than five minutes both sides lose. He’s a wise man.

As far as Streetguru’s question? I have no idea who they are going to be. They haven’t gotten involved yet.


Not true at all. This only works if both sides follow these rules. I’m more than happy to just leave the “be excellent to each other” but these absolute twats come in here and start fucking things up with this? Hell yeah, I’m going to push back.