The level1techs should upload their videos to

Yeah, but we the viewers don’t have access to that NAS. I meant it would be nice to have a backup online somewhere that is easily accessible.


fair, but probably not necessary. Currently that place is youtube, if youtube ever decides to yeet L1 Techs into oblivion then I’m sure they would find a new home for their videos and upload the history there. Plus there are paid but relatively cheap ways to access the library in the interim between youtube getting rid of the channel and them uploading somewhere else, such as patreon and floatplane. And if there’s any video you personally want backed up just back it up yourself.

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Patreon and Floatplane are hardly good alternatives for something like that as they are pay per use. Majority of people are not members of those platforms and probably will not become members even if Youtube pulls down their channel.

Also, even if you don’t necessarily believe that Odysee will succeed, I think using it is a good way to show Youtube that it might become a lot less relevant in the future if they continue to pull stupid stunts like they do. We need alternatives to Youtube, to keep them in check. This would be a win for everyone if Youtube becomes a better platform as the result.

As long as you can automate the process of posting videos, why not try several methods of distribution? I for one would like to get away from YT and Odysee seems to be the best competitor so far. If you have a robust, automated, and diverse content delivery set up, you will be less susceptible to the whims of Big Tech corporate censorship.

I agree that only hosting videos on patreon and floatplane isn’t viable long term, but for the short period of time after youtube deletes the channel and L1 puts the content somewhere else floatplane and patreon are a more than adequate place for someone to access the backlog if they really need to. paying a few dollars to access the entire backlog isn’t exactly a huge barrier for those that need it, and for those that don’t need to rewatch a video in the backlog right away they can just wait.

As for whether i think odysee will succeed or not, I wasn’t arguing that. I was only arguing that having another public backup source probably isn’t necessary. But since we’re on the subject now I might as well talk about it.

The monetization path for creators in odysee is relatively weak. Sure there’s the LBRY coin but there’s nothing I see that suggests it’s a particularly strong coin. From what I can tell just doing a couple quick searches the coin has built in inflation without limitations. More people viewing videos/doing whatever puts more coins on the market. This means that each coin is worth less as more are generated because the value is really how much value the market places in the service. Now ideally as you get more viewers using the service that puts more of a market value on the service. The problem is that then the coin only goes up in value as the userbase increases, if the userbase stagnates at any point the value of each coin will start to go down because the market value is the same but more coins are generated. So you have to flip your coins to cash as quickly as possible because they are realistically a depreciating asset. But, who even wants to buy the coin if it’s not a good place to store money and also isn’t a good investment? The only answer I see is the viewers themselves as a means to donate to a creator, but then it’s still at best a cash transaction between a viewer and creator and at worst it’s a large decrease in monetary value during the transaction. So, even if currently it’s a situation of it being basically just another income stream, long term it’s likely that the income stream is too small to matter.

Now, the next argument is that if it’s free to add your content and you gain an additional revenue stream by doing so, why not do it? Well, the primary reason is that by attaching your name to a service you have the potential to be affected by that services reputation. In the case of Odysee/LBRY one kiddy porn national news story could ruin their entire reputation and create a public opinion that anybody who supports the service is supporting the distribution of kiddy porn. So then the question is whether the service is worth taking that risk for? Personally I think it isn’t, but at the very least it should be apparent that this isn’t a no questions asked decision.

It’s also worth noting that uploading to more places creates more work. Yeah, you can have odysee just pull copies of your youtube videos automatically, but if you have to deal with contracts with other companies you probably don’t want to do that. An embargoed video for example may have limitations on what platforms you can release it to, same with a sponsored video. This means you have to discuss all of this in your negotiations and have to deal with it in your video upload workflow. So it really isn’t “free” when it either takes your own time or it takes up time of someone you’re paying.

You have no ads on those platforms, can you tell me how you get rid of ads on YouTube?

I don’t really see Floatplane or Patreon as alternative as the content on there is not easily searchable on the search engine. So you already have to know about the video you want pretty much.

I agree that LBRY coin is pretty much worthless atm, however so was Bitcoin when it started. They have added credit card donations to the from what I understand. odysee is separate entity from the LBRY blockchain. So at least in this regard it could replace Youtube donations.

I don’t think fear of kiddy porn ruining reputation is a valid argument. What if someone posts kiddy porn on this forum? Does this mean that everyone’s reputation here is gonna be ruined? People post kiddy porn to FB and Youtube and no one’s reputation is ruined as the result.(except for the uploader) I know people post such content because social media companies hire people to watch and moderate and delete such content.

You may have a point there with embargo and companies not wanting their ads on other platforms. I doubt many advertisers will have a problem with Odysee there more it grows. It’s the problem of fear of the new website, the fear that most companies will overcome in time.

I can! You pay the really not that expensive monthly cost for YouTube premium. If people are willing to pay for Netflix than paying for YouTube is not a bad thing for the heavy youtube user.

For me YouTube has replaced television.

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Exactly! Thats what you pay for on floatplane too :wink:

Not quite. Floatplane I have to pay per channel. On YouTube I get access to everything.

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This is pretty much exactly what I’m saying about floatplane and patreon. They are not a youtube replacement, but the only people who would really need to watch one of the videos during the time between the youtube channel getting deleted and L1 finding a new free place for their videos are people who already know which video they want to watch. Everyone else can probably just wait for that transition to be completed. The bigger issue for L1 is that it reduces their income during that time, but floatplane and patreon are giving them somewhere between 6-7k/month which gives them a runway in the worst case scenario of the youtube channel getting deleted. Plus, they all are doing the channel as a side gig with “the other business” being their primary income source.

Well there is a huge difference between bitcoin and LBRY as I pointed out. Bitcoin is a limited resource, there is a point in time that there will be no new bitcoins minted ever again. This means that inflation of the coin is controlled because bitcoin has a certain value, and that value is split into however many coins have been minted. If no new coins are minted then the value of an individual coin stays at the same percentage of the total value of bitcoin. LBRY on the other hand does not seem to have a definitive slow down or stop of newly minted coins, this means that over time a single coins percentage of the total value of LBRY will go down, if LBRY’s value ever stagnates that means you will continually lose money by holding on to LBRY coins.

This is kind of the same argument you’re making against floatplane and patreon. Most people are not going to donate any money. So having donations through the odysee platform doesn’t really strengthen the monetization opportunities of the site. Youtube has ads, ad money gets shared to the creators, this takes no effort from the user other than watching the video and not clicking away as soon as an ad pops up. Odysee tries to replace ads with LBRY coins, but unlike ads LBRY coins has no backing value other than market perception. Ads have inherent value because they cause the business who places them to make more money than they would without the ads. Therefore Ads are a safer, more stable, and likely more profitable way of generating revenue for content creators. That difference is the biggest reason I don’t see odysee succeeding as the platform stands today.

Actually, no it’s not. A quick wikipedia check can prove this false. The wikipedia page for LBRY shows that both the LBRY protocol and odysee are owned by LBRY inc.

There’s a big difference between someone posting kiddy porn on this site and someone posting kiddy porn on LBRY. If it’s posted here it would be removed as quickly as possible, if it’s posted on LBRY it cannot be removed. Well the reference cannot be removed, you could go after the individual hosts, but hosts could keep popping up and the reference makes it easy to access that content as the new hosts pop up. Now, the odysee website itself can stop displaying that reference but because LBRY is the underlying core of odysee and they’re both owned by the same company the fact that you can still just go to that reference even when it’s removed from odysee can and likely will cause a poor public perception of the service.

Just look at torrenting and you can see what I mean, for non-technical normies the view of torrenting is that you only do it to get illegal content and you’ll probably end up with a virus. Yet, I use torrenting for legitimate means all the time for things like linux iso downloads. Torrenting isn’t inherently bad, but because of this perception it’s never going to be the de-facto way to download content. In the case of odysee it’s even worse though, odysee is like if the pirate bay created an alternate website that moderates all of the torrent links it hosts. That alternate site may never be seen to be as unseemly as pirate bay but it would still have the shadow of that association cast over it.

I also sincerely doubt this statement is true. Advertisers already are not happy with youtube because of the chance of their product/company/service getting tied to some crazy video. That’s why the youtube ai exists and is so overbearing.

Now, to be fair getting tied to a bad video is much less of an issue with odysee because odysee doesn’t host ads themselves, but when it does happen because of autoplay linking a video right after a sponsor reading it could be much worse than on youtube because youtube is more aggressive about getting rid of illicit content than odysee is/will be/can be. The reality is that odysee is positioning itself as the anti-google youtube alternative, which means it absolutely has to have less moderation than youtube does. Strictly illegal content will probably get filtered out pretty quickly from the odysee frontend, but videos portraying illegal acts will probably be slower to be filtered than youtube, and videos portraying mistruth will likely not be filtered at all. As a viewer I prefer that approach, but as an advertiser I would be much less likely to accept it.

This is my problem with Floatplane right now, and I would think most other people’s. I understand the concept of supporting the creators you want to see, but for those of us that consume TONS of tech content on a daily basis from dozens of YouTuber’s, having a sub to each creator on Floatplane is beyond feasible unless you wipe your butt with $1000 bills every morning. Floatplane needs to find a way to move to a single subscription system and divide it to the creators in some kind of fair way.

I also want to say, I’m not against having some other easy way to get the L1 videos. I’d love to have an RSS feed that I could just use to download the videos and watch locally, ideally in a lossless format. I also don’t really like youtube and would love to have a good competitor. I’m just trying to point out that because it’s a business decision it’s not as simple of a choice as it seems like it should be.

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yeah, i have to agree that it would be nice to have some kind of global, or at least group subscription. I don’t know if it will ever happen though because floatplane seems to be trying to position itself more as a video delivery first version of patreon than as a content aggregation platform.

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well, maybe a group subscription could happen at some point. I think to keep with their current product positioning those groups would have to be based on agreements between the creators themselves rather than auto created groups though

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But who will start to use a broken product? Would you buy a new TV, that doesn’t work, if they say they will fix it if enough people buy it?

They will have to fix it before people will use it.

Odysee has been working fine for me. Watching BigClive, EEVBlog and Marco Reps over there.

Half the replies here seem to be “I don’t want things to change”, which unless I missed it, nobody asked for L1T to stop uploading to YT, but upload to some other platform additionally.

Just my two cents…

I was a daily LBRY desktop user for a couple of years, I have a PR merged in the git repo for it. I think the LBRY project is useless. They said they were going to implement an incentive system into their protocol for people to host content in exchange for LBC - never happened, this was years ago. I believe that it is somewhat possible for LBRY desktop users to seed content, but the vast majority are using where there is no peer-to-peer. The result is an effectively centralized system. LBRY is currently facing an existential threat from the lawsuit I mentioned earlier, if there is an adverse result, there’s a fair chance that LBRY Inc will go away along with the sole host of the complete set of content (this is distinct from the blockchain which is essentially a distributed torrent tracker).

Any momentum that LBRY may seem to have can be attributed in part to them paying people (in LBC) to watch content. I don’t think it’s a scam, the idea is just bad, imo. The fact that they discontinued their roadmap in 2020, citing pace of development, shows their technical vision is deficient.

I should also clarify the lawsuit against LBRY Inc pertains to something they allegedly did, not something they are currently doing, so when I say there is a fair chance they will go away, I mean there’s a fair chance that the penalties would be ruinous and not that they would need to cease doing what they’re currently doing.

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In my opinion I’d like to see more platforms being used by L1T, even with a delayed cycle of videos to promote their Floatplane channel it can provide another option when YouTube at peak hours has its own issues(example such as internet congestion with some ISPs).

As far as the “LBRY Credits” if they were using it to fund their platform then it opens a bag of questions of their business dealings–there is too much shady stuff going on with blockchain based platforms as you don’t know if the company behind it had "pre-set-aside credits of an unknown amount. There are other content creator friendly platforms which don’t use that kind of fuzzy credit system.

The problem with any kind of coin as a form of payment is that it’s practically useless as a currency. Cash is king still. As an investment it may have value but it still raises the problem that like all investments they make useless currency you have to sell them to get the cash.

Take my house for example. It may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars but that only matters if I sell.