The level1techs should upload their videos to

Odysee is like youtube but it is on the blockchain so it is unenforceable. Not even the owners of the website can take down your videos or demonetize you.


Would be nice to have the videos on odysee, just for the case YouTube decides talking about Linux is hacking now.


What about illegal and immoral videos?

Like, Trolls and evil people posting crap that gets permanently stuck on the chain?
Or is it just a hash of a movie in one form? Proving authenticity/attributation

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Odysee is actually a web/app front end to the LBRY file-sharing protocol. You can upload/download LBRY content without Odysee. Odysee just seeks to make the process easier (make the user experience more like YouTube than BitTorrent).

Anything can be uploaded to the LBRY network, but if you upload it via Odysee then you need to comply with their (quite reasonable) terms of service. Once content is uploaded and on the blockchain then it cannot be removed. However, Odysee provides search functionality for LBRY content, and it does block/thwart search requests for content that it deems violates its terms of service.

Thus a bunch of stuff exists on LBRY that may be deemed suspect by any individual, with whatever their personal and unique definition of ‘immoral’ is, living in a particular country, with whatever their unique definition of ‘illegal’ is. No two people on Earth will ever agree as to what content is suspect or not.

Whether you can ‘see/watch’ that suspect content on Odysee, however, is a matter for Odysee to decide.

If you want full freedom, LBRY is open source. You can fork the repo, make your own client with no filters, and go nuts — effectively cutting out the middle-man (Odysee). Of course that route is only open to the technically-proficient.

tl;dr: Odysee is a YouTube-like interface to the LBRY network with predictable and reasonable restrictions on how you use their service. Other clients can be used to access the LBRY network with fewer (or no) restrictions.


Do level1techs make those? I’d say no, but ask a Muslim about getting piss drunk on live steam and you may get a different answer.
Censoring all the horrible things that will find their home on LBRY is not the way to go I think. Just don’t take part if you find it immoral.

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Looks like Odessey self-censor the parts of lbry they show, according to the Level1 user.
Which is good for long term prospects.
Then they can be as light touch, or as safe as they like.

LBRY Inc is being sued by the SEC.

Edit to add complaint summary:

This case concerns LBRY’s failure to register an offering of securities pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933 (“Securities Act”). From 2016 through the present, LBRY offered and sold millions of dollars’ worth of unregistered securities to investors, in the form of a digital asset called LBRY Credits (“LBC”), which LBRY told investors was to be used to fund its business and product - a digital content marketplace or network offering video and audio recordings, images, and other information (“LBRY Network”).


I saw a thread just like this on the Linus Tech Tips Forum.

New user where they have done literally nothing on the forum other than advertise for a video platform.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the video platform it seems pretty spammy to me.

(Same thing for the LTT thread I saw. New user, only one post and it’s about Odysee).


we have actually experimented with peertube. odysee also has the centralized comments thing iirc.

Anyone who is in the known about the various platforms and options? I’m not opposed to actually seeding something for a platform, but I ned someone to loop me in.

I last looked into this about a year ago and everything had a scammy or potentially scammy angle.

The under-the-hood aspects of peertube are downright scary.


My issue as a viewer is I am so immersed in the YouTube platform and it is so mature and refined that when these other platforms appear the infrastructure they have is so far behind that it actually can be hard to watch.

One person I watched moved over to rumble so I signed up just to watch his channel and the user experience just could not compare and also the videos were so laggy compared to YouTube.

I really right now cannot see anyone as a viable YouTube competitor and many that try to compete are exactly as you describe rather questionable.

Floatplane is really trying but they are still very young as a platform.

Floatplane has the same issue that I dislike about twitch, on YouTube I pay for YouTube premium because YouTube for me has replaced television. But that gives me access to the entire YouTube library.

Twitch and Floatplane you have to pay per Channel if you want to subscribe. There is no all access option.

i watch crowder on rumble. his streams have been 100% lag/stutter free for me. (i dont have an american isp)
maybe try connecting through a vpn as you may find its your isp chugging your connection rather than rumble not being able to serve a smooth streaming experience.

I doubt that considering I have an unlimited gigabit connection. Honestly I think it was just the videos of who I was watching. But it only happened on Rumble, Youtube is as fast as ever.

Honestly the more choices there are the less interested I am when new ones come out. If something is going to replace YouTube it better damn well be better than what YouTube can give me.

It would be like if someone tried to challenge Spotify, they better be good.

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What are you trying to achieve?

A fully featured alternative to Youtube or Floatplane, which has features such as comments, monetization and a pretty website frontend? (But has be to centralized due to legal and technological limitations)

Or a fully censorship-resistant method of sharing video files, which will be lacking most of those features?

Odysee can be both, the underlying LBRY network is in itself P2P File Sharing with servers to boost Seeding, with the addition of stuff being registered on their blockchain.
Meanwhile, their frontend is easily usable and has comment functions etc., but has to therefore follow DMCA takedowns and legal guidelines as it is centralized.

The easiest option for full decentralizaton would be to just seed L1 Videos on Bittorrent, I’m sure there’s a lot of people here that would appreciate to add them to their Jellyfin Servers in an easy way.

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IPFS maybe? … It’s kind of like BitTorrent, but with a thing kind of like shared folders. Think of it kind of like a big git repo, but different people on the internet can have different parts of the repo.

It’s just immutable (as much as git repos are immutable) file storage that happens to have http access as well.

There exist http gateways, you could make some index.html or whatever with thumbnails and titles and stuff.

It’s not a video platform per se - there’s no monetization or comments or transcoding or any of that stuff.

Downside, once last pin to a file is gone the contents is gone.

There’s a service called pinata, kind of like a CDN, not free of course.

But anyone can pin stuff fully or partially if they run a node (equiv of seeding a torrent).

Basically, bandwidth and hosting aren’t free (real life no bs) and if you want it stored locally you need to have an ipfs node… but, then you can have it stored locally if you want.

So “free” as in freedom yes.
No free beer - perpetually running service.

L1T? Use odysee?

They should rather get on other services than, the site and it’s services are not even user friendly. Odysee has stacked options together that don’t even co-incide with each other. Creating options, where none need or even should be.

It’s more like a graveyard version of a blockchain than anything even remotely comparable to youtube or similar sites. Smaller youtube-like sites do it way better than odysee. Tell it like it is, it’s a digital graveyard based on blockchain tech. To store videos and similar formats, at no or at a very small price. Does that mean it’s worth it? NO.

I’m much the same way. A platform would have to exceed YouTube at this point for me to switch. I’ve been underwhelmed by the other options.

Twitch does have turbo by the way. $9 a month removes ads from all streams. Well worth it if you jump around to different channels.

No thanks, the comments on is a cesspool of racism, pseudoscience and “the one that screams more is heard”.

Unlike Youtube, you can downvote those comments over there and with enough votes it will hide them. In fact lots of the comments like that there are downvoted into oblivion. Also you can block users too. I find it’s usually more political channels that get comments like that, but a lot less on the other types of channels.

We desperately need good alternative platforms because Youtube knows they can just abuse their content creators. How can Odysee become less of an echo-chamber of things you listed if people who oppose those things are not willing to join.

Can you give specific examples of what looked scammy to you ? I mean even if you don’t have much faith in Odysee, you could use it as a free library backup in case Youtube decides to delete your entire channel.


Something tells me that they already have their entire library backed up to their NAS, and this being L1 Techs I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a redundant local copy as well as a remote copy somewhere.

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