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Wifes computer just did latest drivers since i just upgraded her to 1060 for dual dp since her 970 didnt have it, is there a separate DP driver Firmware?

Is there a FAQ page for this might be worth wile since reading 300 posts is not my definition of fun.

(Windows only?
Still looking)

Guess ill have to move it to my desktop to update as your computer is linux only. Thx Nvidia


This is the thing


I got that much, just was still looking for linux version doesnt seem to exist (didnt really want to remove it from her desktop)


Rewired everything, updated firmware on gpu. Seems to work for now, had a weird thing when switching between ports but ill keep and eye on it and see if it stays working.

Have side issues to Tshoot (Linux TB3 Dock) but pretty sure the windows boot works (need to check since changes, side not XPS 15 even with it having a 1050ti it doesnt get the firmware for dp.


Nvidia has changed stuff in newer drivers assuming everyone has that fw update. So that’s annoying.