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The Level1Techs KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) Switch - 4k/60hz monitor & USB Switchbox | Level One Techs


Frustrating, Ubuntu would have the reboot issue, but once going would be good. Kali with kernel 4.17.0 looses the large monitor whenever I switch between computers. The smaller monitor still works, but I can’t get the large monitor back short of a reboot (off of the docking station) then docking it back.


Just wanted to add some insight on this product.

I have an Alienware AW3418DW monitor ([email protected]). I was using a CABLEMATTERS branded Displayport cable from my monitor to my PC since it was 3 feet long.

When I purchased the L1T KVM, I had to dig up one of the DP cables that came with the monitor. And everything worked perfectly, 120hz.

My setup:
PC => OEM AW DP 5ft Cable => L1T KVM => CableMatters DP Cable => AW Monitor

I was happy everything worked, but i needed 3 short DP cables for my other 2 PCs, and to replace the AW OEM 5ft cable.

I got the 3 cables, set everything, and to my dismay, only 60hz was available. Double checked all my cables connection no dice.

I reset everything back, but this time using one of the ‘new’ CABLEMATTERS, to replace the ‘old’ CM cable between the KVM and monitor. Outputs 120hz.

So something is peculiar with the display-port inputs on this KVM. The same branded cable works on the output, but not the input.

On the look out for short DP cables now.


@wendell how’s possibility for another batch looking? Maybe you can suggest some alternatives that are available on the market and do not suck?


Thats why he made them in the first place. Because he couldnt find any that were even semi-decent


Bought the dual display port version for use with my work laptop and home desktop. Now that I finally have a new desktop with multiple display ports, I hooked up using my microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse (model 5000). I saw the notes about wireless not working so was absolutely geeked when it worked flawlessly for a couple of days. Now, my desktop seems to be fighting the connection and frequently drops/reconnects. Laptop works flawlessly. Just wondering if there are any wireless keyboard/mouse that work better. Thanks!


try the usb3 ports instead of the usb2 ports, and when switching, try doubletapping numlock.

tbh the only device that was super problematic was OLD usb wireless recievers by logitech. When sending them a reset command they will not actually reset unless you kill power… which I can’t do because it causes more problems with other devices than it solves. also dramatically increases input switching time.

usb3 ports should mostly leave the reciever alone. its the keyboard that cuts out not the display right?


@wendell ?

I promise to buy it this time! lol


I bit the bullet and bought a nice 4-port Dual Link DVI KVM some years ago. Been shopping for a new monitor lately and sadly, DVI has gone the way of the brontosaurus, because of the limited bandwidth. OMG, when I started pricing Display Port KVMs, I found that I could buy a nice 21:9 1440P monitor for the cost of a decent Display Port / USB 3.0 KVM! Holy excrement Batman!!!

And what’s the deal with new monitors only having a single DP input? WTF??? I guess I’ll have to figure out how Looking Glass works …


@wendell any update on when re-stock will happen?


Mine keeps beeping at me in random bursts, think its trying to tell me something :thinking: