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Any updates on this? It seems like the pre-order might not happen or that there are delays, but is there an expected availability?

I think Wendell’s prioritizing the bug fixing at the moment. There are some show-stopping problems with it on AMD and/or Linux.

Probably up for order (no preorder should be necessary, next batch already ordered) around May 28 or so +/-

Still investigating some issues sgtawesomeauce and others ordered. going to see if its a signal conditioning issue though, sent some stuff to people to test.

also one weird bug with a usb headset… trying to reproduce that

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would you like a tester? I’ve always been direct-attaching my headset, but I can try running it through the KVM.

++, thank you for the update.

FWIW update on my end, I took everything apart and put it back together again. Seems to be working fine now, so DP cable interference was likely to blame. Kind of nuts that it took a complete shutdown to restore the display when I was having the issue before.

I do still get occasional black screen but it comes back within a couple seconds. Here is the dmesg immediately afterwards.

[17906.495429] [drm] {3840x2160, [email protected]}
[17906.526337] [drm] HBR2x4 pass VS=3, PE=0
[17954.887141] [drm] {3840x2160, [email protected]}
[17954.917559] [drm] HBR2x4 pass VS=3, PE=0
[22136.566338] show_signal_msg: 25 callbacks suppressed
[22136.566340] solus-sc[9424]: segfault at 35 ip 00007fdc0f596a20 sp 00007ffe47582490 error 4 in[7fdc0f54f000+112000]
[28155.537142] [drm] Status: 

I think it’s just a DRM AMDGPU bug. I know there are numerous fixes incoming on Linux kernel (currently on 4.15.17-65.current).

the nouveau driver is especially a turd in not retrying like you’re supposed to. just fwiw


AMD in my case but yes, it definitely required a power cycle to renegotiate the connection.

Is there a full list of hotkeys somewhere? Other than what’s in the manual. I’d like to switch to scroll lock as it’s interfering with games. I would like a full list for any other things I might be interested in

Is there any way to get notified when the new batch is available? There is going to be a new run for the Dual monitor variant, right?

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Yes and yes. I will reply on this thread so subscrive/notify on it

We are about 2-3 weeks away +/-

I absolutely NEED one of the dual-monitor versions. Can anyone confirm if this supports HDCP 2.2 pass thru?

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Necro but thats because we’re back baby!




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You can confirm your issue is mostly sorted? Down to the “built in” MST hub in those monitors (meant for daisy chaining) and turning that off fixed the issues prettymuch?

Oh yeah. If you disable DP 1.2a in the OSD, the issue is gone.

In fact, I haven’t had a single problem with it across any GPU (although AMD takes a bit longer to initialize on switch) since changing the setting.

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wooooo!!! Very excited to get mine :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to disable ctrl as a hotkey? Just use scroll lock

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Not that I know of but let me dig and see.

Bam, just punched my wallet in the gut.

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