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your demo sold me on the grip exercise bars… ordered the 5 piece set. Thanks


Someday you will find yourself choking the life out of another man in a dark alley to prevent him from revealing your darkest secrets in a wicked extortion scheme. When you realize how much grip stamina you have left as he falls limp and dead in your iron grasp you’ll say “thanks, Cando forearm noodles”.



@wendell you mentioned Livescribe but said that it’s terrible now. What’s terrible about it? Having an audio record of meetings as you described would be great for me.

the new live scribe stuff where it uses your phone, last time I tried it, is much crappier than the old live scribe where there was a mic in the pen and an external mic. the old pens have an overdriven oeld screen and they have all died now. Planned obsolescence I suppose.

before you could just touch a word written down on the notes and it would jump to that spot in the audio. that experience with the phone app is best described as “janky” – it might be that android users are second class citizens though and iphones work great. thats a possibility I suppose.

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works now with desktops!

I might get one and see how iOS and desktop use is.

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