The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

This has had to be one of the best childhood games for me, a few years after it has been released, and after I got my first game console, the Nintendo GameCube (it was actually for the whole family, but I used it the most).

It was fun, but after seeing gameplays of The Wind Waker HD for Wii U, I became nostalgic. Damn, I want to play this game again, and, thankfully, it's not very expensive today as it was then, so I can afford it just fine (if I can find it).

Who has played The Wind Waker?

I played the original version many years ago. Still my favorite Zelda game and I even started with Ocarina of Time. Should I ever get a Wii U, Wind Waker HD is on the list of games to buy for it.

I have. It is a great game though  for me Id probably rank them Majora's Mask  then OoT then Wind Waker (all by really close margins mind you) then twlight princess and skyward sword which I didn't find to be nearly as good as those 3.

I didn't really like Twilight Princess, not as fun as Wind Waker.

To me the world of Twilight Princess felt a bit lifeless in comparison to the previous 3 games.

I just used my Wii to rip my copy of this game I had for gamecube. I played it on my PC. it looks even more amazing running at 1440p with AA and AF. this game is def my second favorite zelda game of all time. link to the past being my favorite.