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The last version of Linux you liked

7.10 - Other than file system changes I haven’t seen any worthwhile improvements, in fact IMHO overall its taken a step back from those days.

Last I checked, 5.12 is the current release of Linux.

However, if you’re talking about a distribution, I’m very happy with where we are currently at. We have more stability in software, productivity tools are getting competitive (freecad, video production tools) and tools like proton and wine are providing support for the tools you can’t get in a package manager yet.

Granted, I’m finding annoyance with the python 3.8 and 3.9 migrations, but python is an absolute shit show from the onset.

The long and short of it is that every new release of Linux gets better and I can’t wait for 5.13


I’m new to Linux, having only started in '15, but have been happy with the progress since then.

I guess I have been spoiled that lots of distro’s were good enough for me to get on with, having come from windows.
Perhaps this is because of all the changes that have turned you Off the systems?

It’s my personal benchmark for software: do I get excited for updates or is it an annoyance? With Linux (and KDE) I am pleasantly surprised by enhancements and new features every system update.

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Ubuntu Trusty (14.04.6)

The Red Hat-isms hadn’t become pervasive in the Debian world until after that point as systemd ate everything. There were some early signs of the changes to come, but they were easy to cope with at that point.

Latest Arch Linux, with the installer + possibility to load a pre-made config file, with Gnome 40 with 1:1 trackpad gestures.
Pure bliss if you ask me! That’s what I’m liking so far when it comes to Linux on a desktop.

Lol, maybe you’re saying this out of deference to the elders but 6 years can’t be new.

If years pass without any excitement about a Linux distribution, that’s a clear sign that trend will continue. I suppose you can install your favorite EOL version and keep it offline forever…

Currently I am most excited about Rocky Linux because it might save me a lot of time and effort.


I mean to say I’ve only been using it as a home user, after SystemD became a thing.

I gather it was a bit of a game changer, and changed the landscape in a few ways?

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The last version I liked? Fedora 34, released last week. It’s pretty good.

I try not to let myself get old and stubborn about things.

  • I remember ESD, ARTS and ALSA dmix. PulseAudio is like 500% better.
  • SystemD is great stuff, and tons better than SysV init scripts.
  • Gnome 3 took some getting used to but it is my preferred Linux desktop now.
  • Wayland and libinput have really improved performance, consistency and HiDPI screens. I don’t miss the old Synaptics touchpad tools. At all.

Huge game changer. I just mean if you’ve been using Linux for 6 years, even as a home user, you’re a bonafide, seasoned Linux user.

Yeah, and I shoot my mouth off enough about it. :slight_smile:

I’m not about to criticise the way it worked before though, as the people who invested the effort to bend themselves into working with the old init way, might not appreciate all the modern stuff.

But then again, the devs are the ones who actually put it together, often for the love of it, not out of any financial obligation…

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Well, you can criticize it in that it will most likely never work that way again and anyone hanging onto the idea that it will is doomed.

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Thanks @oO.o !!! Stilll feel like i suck at it.

20.04’s ma jam


Reflects more on Linux than you at this point imho.

I think my first Linux install was 2013. I know a lot about it now (but definitely not close to everything) but the learning curve is on the OS, not the user.

Mine was like 7.04 or 8.04, full time definitely 10.04. I’d have to check the forums to no for sure.

I want to do a homelab but that’s where i need to pull the plug. Youtube isn’t enough to get me across that mental leap.

That’s the exact purpose of this forum, so ask away!

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HAHAHHAHA, You don’t know what your inviting.


My last is 3.11 if only because of Linus’ ACK and embrace to the WFW throwback.

It’s the people who feel like they don’t suck at it that worry me more. I mean, if there’s a thing which you feel like you understand completely, then you probably don’t. If you really do understand the thing, then you need to find a new thing. These things never stay the same, and you might find one day that your thing is no longer the thing like it once was. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I believe this is the whole idea behind doctorate programs. A PhD student is supposed to research a new thing. Something never seen before.

There should always be some nook or cranny in a subject that needs more research.

I do think this is a big problem in fields like literature. There are only so many ways to read Jane Austen and at some point you have to just start making things up. “The lesbian sub-text in …” and I’m like, “What?”

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