The largest mouses (mice? meeses?) available?

Mright, a simple and straight up "recommend me stuff" post this time (sorry 'bout that). I think I want a new mouse. No real reason (my current one is not broken or anything), I just want a new plaything / a refresh. Thing is, it seems that I have somewhat long hands (not "large" - I don't have shovels for fingers nor the width of a fat duck), and I'm used to pretty bulky & heavy mice as is (for reference - currently I'm on a logitech G700, previously it was an MX Revo; and both of these are starting to feel too light and small for my liking).

Thus, I have to ask, do any of you know of some downright large and heavy right-handed mouses? I definitely don't mind weird designs (such as those of the rat3/5/7/9s) or open structures, so long as they are sturdy, weighty, heavy and have a decent enough sensor. And, er... preferably if they were actually buyable and not exotic one-off concepts sold only in specialist auctions for thousands (well, I bet there's got to be some of them around). So, yes, ideas/advice?

I have the same mouse history. 'Been using the MX Revolution and moved up to the G700. I'm a bit dissapointed in the G700. It has the right size and weight for me and tracks very well but the USB cable is thick and rigid and, in wireless mode, the battery only lasts about a day. Also hate that I can't charge the thing with the system off (like throwing it in the charger when I go to bed and finding it charged and ready to go in the morning).

Oh well... I don't know of any alternatives to the G700, the only one I looked at was the RAT9 which feels really cheap in my hand. Sorry.

Yeah, I'd say the same complaints as you got - annoyingly thick cable and battery being no-good at all...I'll keep looking for something myself (been reading reviews since two days ago on this issue, but so many of them read much more like advertisements or things written completely devoid of context and consideration of competition), if I find something, will post.

Well, I promised an update and here it is (waited some time to get some prolonged hands-on experience):

I chose to go for the CM Storm Sentinel Advance 2 mouse.. on paper, looks good - 8200cpi sensor, flashy leds, rubber coating, very large. Overall, though, I am not all that happy with it, and it's been a poor replacement for the G700. Here's why:

- the bulk of the mouse is in its rear-section, under the palm. The front is very thin, light and narrow. For a half-claw/half-palm grip, that's not really optimal. Likewise, the bulk of the weight is in the back too; I prefer having the weight and the sensor itself closer to the fingertips (which do most of the positioning work).

- the dpi-setting display clashes with the led colour tones. There is no tone you can choose for the leds that matches the colour of that infernal display, and you acannot turn the display off. That inconsistency is driving me nuts.

- Lack of buttons. Well, yeah, it supposedly does have 5 extra keys that you can combo up, etc. Thing is, when you reserve the dpi-changers and the forward-back buttons, you aren't left with much to choose from. Also, they are a lot less handy than the buttons on the G700.

- the thing itself just feels too light and plasticky in general. If I were to guess the pricetag by just seeing it in-person, I'd say it is worth far less than the msrp. I don't think the build quality is all that good either - the rubber coating is *already* starting to scratch off in small spots at the back, just due to friction with the back of the palm. This is rubbish, and should not happen even remotely so soon.


So, yeah. On the whole I am quite disappointed, and would not recommend a cm storm mouse to anyone - I guess many of the faults with this model go with the whole series.