The LAN 0017: Tech, Law, and also new people on the show

Archive of the show:

We had @KemoKa73, @Fouquin me, @Castiel on it.


UK proposed Law that could put Journalist in jail for leaking government documents [Castiel]:

Publishers Still Fighting to Bury Universities, Libraries in Fees for Making Fair Use of Academic Excerpts [Castiel]:

A new type of attack on CPUs yay

Quick Topics:

Nokia 3310 is back, also other Nokias

Capsaicin and Cream event… soonTM intensifies

$9000 24 Core CPU from intel

Intel GPU’s now support Vulkan

Eagles Vs. Drones

VR…. movie theatre?

Ded robot

No more unskippable ads

Sprint and T-Mobile merger talks are starting again


Look at that post, thats a nice set of links and show notes


Took a quick look into The LAN 16. Interesting format, will watch some and see how I like it.

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Currently uploading the archive to Youtube, will link when finished.

yay youtube upload is done