The Lan 0011

The 11th show of the LAN, this time with me, @Tracer, @Adobe_Flash_Player, and @jajone4.

Diversity in Gaming [Tracer]

I was reading over what of Kotaku had written about Tracer being gay. For the most part it was decent but then it complain about the need to hire gay writers, trans, etc. I want to tackle the topic of diversity in gaming from the perspective of a writer and discuss about where things are.

Campi Flegrei Might go Pompei on Naples’ ass (jajone4)

Essentially seismic activity and ground deformation is increasing at a rate to suggest that this volcano might just go batshit bonkers . . . someday. Everyone panic.

Significant Signs of Ozone Being replenished in the Atmosphere (jajone4)
It is believed that the Montreal Protocol from 1987 that banned the use of CFCs is responsible for this positive swing.

EU Highest Court has declared the UK Snooper Charter Illegal [Tracer]:

Star Citizen Launches 2.6 and is now using Amazon’s Lumberyard Engine (Fork of Cryengine) [Tracer]:


Linux Kernel 4.10 (Lessershoe):

Multi IOMMU support for RyZen Servers:
NVIDIA opensource upgrades, AMDv GPU Fan Speed Control, Ras Pi Shader Improvements, Intel GVT (graphics Virtualization):
Will have a Shorter Merge Window:

CES Predictions [Anyone/Everyone]

Vega at CES:


I honestly completely forgot this was a thing.

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