The LAN 0006: News with a smaller crew... also some Smite afterwards

The LAN for this week only had me, @jajone4 and @kewldude007 in it (as well a few random appearances of @Dje4321 ), and here is the video: ... and the after party with some Smite gameplay:

(also a number of the topics were added by @MograineLefay )
News topics:

Non Volatile Memory From Flexible/Tranparent Materials Achieved (jajone4)

Trump wants to explore space (jajone4)

Renewable Energy for communists (plus some) (jajone4)

Hacker stealing fifa coins (Cavemanthe0ne)

Ubisoft keeps on digging (insider trading this time) (kewldude007)

More Google expansion (kewldude007)

No more 32-bit Unity editor

Hard drive failure rate chart (hey look at Seagate back up there again)


For any that are interested here is the doc we had:

I'll link the youtube after I reupload the split videos (so the afterparty is separate).


gonna try and be in the next one


Youtube videos are now reuploaded so here they are:

the afterparty is still uploading will throw that in this post as well
here it is as well

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Great watch as always, so much good new tech news out there. Keep it up!

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