The LAN 0002: Formerly CommuniTEK

The video:
(it will be live in a bit, currently processing as of this post)

News doc:

Any feedback , questions, etc you have feel free to post.
If you are wondering, it means The Lounge Attempts News


@DerKrieger @Nuggetninja @Tracer @Cavemanthe0ne @jajone4 @kewldude007 @presserscrew

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i think i tagged everyone
not sure tho lol

best one yet, and less of a shit show. Great job everyone


I can't tell you guys enough how great this is .


you made me get a twitter and reddit..... you bastards

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le bump

dam sun

also that intro with @jajone4


I think the titles listed need to be more interesting. Very bland when you just say the LAN 002. Doesn't seem that interesting. As for the intro that's @Cavemanthe0ne 's fault. He said we were live two people earlier than me so yeah.

I thought we were ( I had hit the button earlier) but either YT or OBS was like
Hehe, nope

Hey man my intro was awesome. Fuck you and anyone who says otherwise.


If you want more views, just buy some ad space.

Keep these coming gives me something to listen to in work.


@Cavemanthe0ne do you folks have a schedule yet or a plan on often one will be put out?

Saturdays at 9 pm central is the plan so far @Azeral

Started watching the first bit earlier. I'm pretty sure this has been discussed already, but @Cavemanthe0ne is there any way you can boost your volume?

My annoying blue ice snowball has no gain slider :/
I have figured out a quick fix but I may install software to boost it...
(Quick fix is holding the mic while I do the stream, about 2" from my face lol. It gets a bit tiring is all :P @Alamar )

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Go to recording devices in your settings and raise the levels

+10 +20 +30

Something like that

I tried that, the settings aren't there for the Blue Ice Snowball
Even though they are for the crap headphone mic I have lol