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The L5 is back in stock

So the Lone Industries L5 is back in stock. Oh sh*t I bought one. Not quite on impulse, but now I have to gather the parts for the worlds smallest workstation PC.

Build log will follow when my parts arrive (and I Pick a CPU)

Help me pick the final spec, my workload is compiling C++ and Rust, and I will probably want to run some VM’s on it:

  • 3700X + 32GB RAM
  • 3700X + 64GB RAM (+ £150)
  • 3900X + 32GB RAM (+ £200)
  • 3900X + 64GB RAM (+ £350)

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I touched 3900x and 64gb and it gane me 3700x and 64gb…

ok capitalist forum

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time to recalibrate your touchscreen?

Also this is a forum where rich people talk about their hardware and assosiated problems.

Yes its pretty capitalist.

I will make sure to add a copy of “Das Kapital” to my amazon order when I buy the computer :stuck_out_tongue: (not really a joke I have been meaning to read that)

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That case will not support double height DDR4 so you’d have to get plain Samsung Green PCB 32GB sticks for 64GB, and you will take a huge hit to infinity fabric speed.

Infinity fabric speed seems to be the most important here, so DDR4-3600 at 2x16 should be good.

The modules I was planning to use are the new corsair LPX 32GB DIMMS, how do I verify its height?

They looked normal ish there’s 70 mm of clearance abovethe RAM area

Edit: corsair doesn’t state the height on their website, but a quick Google suggested a “normal” LPX dimm is only 31mm

Also of course whatever I choose will be 3600.

Do be careful of memory controller stress at that speed and density. Micron E-die if it existed at that density would be way easier on the memory controller.

I’ve heard the 3000 series IMC is quiet robust, at least compared to the old Zen. Last summer I put a 2700 based gaming PC together for my girlfriend, and she can’t even get 3000 out of the 2x16GB kit I put in it

On ITX it also depends on the trace layout. Some boards will hit 3600 while some won’t.

I am using the GIGABYTE X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI (God motherboard names are crap these days)

Seems like a decent board, in terms of the memory subsystem.

you’re all boring and picked the sensible option.

Poll closed as I have ordered the hardware.

Yea this was a known AGESA issue with Zen and Zen+, most motherboard manufacturers have fixed this on a lot of their supporting boards and all you need to do is make sure you don’t let the memory sit at CL15, that still has never worked for me.