The Internet Map... but is it complete?

So say if you're stuck out on the horrible world of internet and you want to find youself a site to go to, then why not check out this. This is the map of over 300,000 websites currently (or not) running. As you'll know, the more traffic ever recorded the larger the circles. What's interesting is that you'll notice that there sections of the map do have its significance like most of the porn sites are located below the map and trading site like ebay, Amazon, etc are grouped together and so on. The colours; I'm not sure because I though that New Zealand site for example are coded purple, but it turns out some are coloured pink. Probably an error.

This site was created by a Russian dude named Ruslan Enikeev. I don't know how long it took him to tally up traffic from every websites existing in the internet backbone. But one thing that puzzles me is that doesn't exist on the map. This means that any country-related site that hardly has any traffic for example may not appear on the map.

So to sum this up, the map isn't complete yet.

Regardless of that, I bet Enikeev is still motivated to keep this site running by adding more tonnes-worth of sites he missed out. But remember, the more people visits his site, the more bills he has to tolerate with. Donating to him would be a nice thing. You can do that by clicking on the donate button on the web-integrated pop-up window when you visit this site or click the "About" link above and the button should be there.



This is freakin sweet. Nice find.

When it comes to the internet, Google is literally the center of the universe lol.

its pretty cool but it would be better if you could click on the circles to goto the website

Neat, but probably missing a shitton of websites : )