The hell is so cool about the IBM S/390?

Been noticing more and more that distro’s are supporting the IBM s/390 as of recent time. Does anyone know where this sudden popularity has come from and why?

Which ones?

Well… one of the cool things about the IBM S Series is that you can literally pick one up piece by piece (assuming the particular machine has sufficient redundancy) and relocate it to another facility without disruption to service.

Have a think about that one for a second…

sure i read about that on wikipedia for them before, but doesn’t appear on the s/390 page.

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Mostly the smaller ones. Someone on the void forum is porting, one of the majoc distro’s picked it up bu it slips my mind atm, artixmor ach picked it up, its just kinda weird lol.

Hobby ports, makes sense. It’ll just be coincidence. Main line distros supported that system officially.

For many people who grew up during the 60;s to 80’s just owning a mainframe, any mainframe is a boyhood dream