The HAARP Machine

So far it seems that this band, The HAARP Machine aren't very well known. I just wanted to give them a little attention that I feel they deserve. They are a heavy metal almost political style band. They sing a lot about controversial topics like a politics ie. their song Esoteric Agenda is one of my favorites on their album called Disclosure. Check them out!

Great band but horrible politics involving there guitarist/founder. I thought the founder had quit touring and laid the band to rest after the whole "doesn't actually record his parts" debacle. Hopefully he comes back strong with a new album considering he writes really challenging and entertaining music. What other bands do you listen to that are like haarp?

Amazing band, wish they didnt break up and get a new set of musicians but hey the faceless needed a drummer and alex couldnt be a better fit! But yea, their album is fantastic, i really dug the last song machine over that dealt with world hunger. 

dont know if you've heard of In search of sight or the human abstract but they are pretty similar bands and worth a listen