The GTA V Online PC Experience - Longtime Console GTA V Player Wants to Know

So, i've been playing GTA V on PS3 since January 1, 2014. Only a few months after release. I've accumulated a LOT of in-game assets and time into GTA V with both of my characters. I would love to play the game with all of the advantages the PC brings. And i'd love to see my characters re-worked after transfering them over to the PC servers. They're something i'm actually really proud of. But i would first like some PC players to give me firsthand accounts of what it's like playing GTA V Online on PC.

To fully communicate exactly what i am getting at, i have to outline everything that made the PS3 version a living nightmare. Nevermind the technical limitation of the SPOS (Sony Piece of Shit). What i would like to know is whether or not a lot of the software-side problems are still present, and if the player-base is as unbelievably saturated with cheaters as it is on the consoles. It is absolutely NOT uncommon to join a new room, or spend an allotted amount of time in a room, and randomly out of nowhere get spontaneously blown up by a cheater. Sometimes you'll see a lucky break and go a couple of weeks or so without it happening.

As for technical problems. They run deep. And they will never, EVER be fixed. Because Rockstar are an insanely incompetent bunch of fucking arseclowns. Joining Heists, summarized most effectively is basically a lottery system. Starting heists is never a guarantee. There are still glitches in the game and wall breaches that have been there since day ONE.

If there are any problems that someone can talk about on the PC version of GTA Online, please tell me here. I want to know everything. This steaming shitpile of a game has been out since what? August of 2013? And still it retails for full price! L-O-L! I was looking at a copy for $69.99 at Staples. The price is also the problem, but i hope i can get it for around $20-30 by this summer.

Long loading times are a bitch. It's definitely Rockstar's servers which are the problem.

You get quite a few, maybe one every two freemode games, but most just give out money and spawn annoying objects. I haven't come across anyone cheating in races, deathmatches, etc...

For the best experience, you've definitely got to use a controller. Driving a car with the keyboard is a bit meh.

Join the crew when you get it. Can play with some of us.

I'd say I love the driving with a keyboard tbh
Watch some pgp to get a real feel for the chaos of GTA online

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Hmm... I've always wondered which controller to get. Because it would simply be a necessity for games such as GTAV. There's no way in hell i'd get games like that and use a KB+Mouse. For FPS, hell yes. For third-person games, no thank you. I'd also wanna replay stuff like Dead Space on the PC.

I was going to start a new thread dedicated to this subject. I was curious of whether or not the PC had some sort of epic controller which was better than anything any of the consoles have. I remember watching one of Linus' videos, and he touched upon that. He was suggesting it.

Splinter Cell is something i MUST play again, also. Or rather, finish. I only ever played the first. And i'm of course going to use a controller. Just don't know which one. The Ultimate Edition doesn't have Steam activation... Balls.

most people use xbox controllers I believe.

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Yes. I've seen this. The icons usually give it away. I was really dead set that that was going to be my choice. I just hope a lot of these old games have Steam activation when in compilations... It'll make me very, very happy.

I use Keyboard and mouse primarily until it comes to driving. driving is just straight ass in the game with the mouse and keyboard. though I personally use the Steam Controller when I'm feeling ultra lazy.

Yeah, see. I thought about getting one. But i ran into one review. And apparently it isn't that great. IDK... May just get an Xbox controller.

Should 360 or XBOne?

it doesn't really matter.

The layout and everything is about the same. just grab whatever you can get for cheap.

though if you want a little convenience you would want to get the Xbone controller.

you can plug it in via Micro USB(?) I believe. the wireless dongle. is ACTUALLY a dongle and not a massive cord with a wireless receiver.

This is why GTAV doesn't appeal to me as much as GTA IV did, GTAV is a sloppy slow console controller game.

Cheaters and hacks was the same though...

It's a console game what do you expect.

Well, not necessarily. GTA has always been a predominantly PC game. Much like Elder Scrolls or Fallout. Meant to be played on PC. But the fact that they want to first and foremost make money is another issue altogether. I can't believe how long PC gamers had to wait for GTA V. INSANITY!

exactly my point. if they cared for the PC platform they would release it at the exact same time. they didn't. it's a console game ported to PC. not a PC game on all platforms.

Yeah, im one of them

Well, I don't even bother using a mouse and keyboard for GTA the only advantage of the mouse is aiming, its clearly not a pc controls friendly game. Cheaters are everywhere but few of them are douche bags they usually do funny stuff like teleport into your car and make it fly like an airplane or spawn a picnic table into your face then leave you alone after a good chuckle. Also lots and lots of money hackers. Heists are great because, well, there's the tek syndicate community there's always a few of us online to play with, and randoms seem fairly good at heists.

Keep an eye on the tek syndicate home page articles for GTA V coupon codes!!

Yeah, at this point. It all comes down to the money. Paying full price for it is simply not even an option. Hopefully there'll be a copy sitting somewhere for a long time, in a store like Walmart, and they'll simply put it on clearance. $70 is complete insanity. Even $30 is too much for why i'd purchase it.

The only way I play GTA Online is semi-privately so I only do deathmatches or races against my wife. Or other friends if I had them ;p We found out you can legitimately rank up while it's only the two of us, so we just stuck with that.

Well. I've got a bit of an insane Crew history. I had some good players. But they all ended up being fuckups/weirdos. So... yeah. There's that. We're all about giving our characters personality. Being stylish. Playing smart. And not killing each other. Unless you agree to a showdown. Or if they deserve it :P.

Also. I hear you can't get into the IAA building in the PC version?

GTA Online isn't that fun in my opinion. Unless you are in a crew that is. Your character is mute he or she has no voice and cannot say anything. People will kill you for no apparent reason and the game punishes you for killing that same person back. Ranking up is a pain in the butt it takes forever.

I wish they would go ahead and make a single player DLC, I am just not having fun online.