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The greatest piece of music ever created, in your opinion


Figured this was an interesting topic.

The object here is not to decide what the actual greatest musical piece ever created is, but what you think is the greatest piece of music ever made.

For me, it’s Pink Floyd Dogs. From the Animals album.

It is with out any doubt, for me, the greatest piece of music ever made. It is a perfect illustration of the absolute mastery of sound that is Pink Floyd at their height. The transitions are amazing, the length makes it sublime (I like long songs).

For me it just shows the absolute mastery that Pink Floyd had over sound.

Give it listen in a dark room with some high quality headphones my dudes. Worth 20 minutes of your life.

This isn’t an argument, but merely a sharing of what song you think is the single greatest piece of music that you will ever, or could ever, experience. and please, tell us why you feel that way about that piece of music.


When i saw the title i thought of this

But I dont music much so no real opinion on this topic, interested to see what everyone posts.




For me, the greatest experience was Daft Punks Discovery album. I was young and I hadn’t heard many songs except my dads collection of vinyls and cds of songs from the 80’s and older. I then stumbled upon my brothers mp3 player and took it to school to listen to it during recess.

Daft Punk Discovery Album

I listened to Discovery for the first time and was amazed at the synth and beat that I was hearing (since it was a new sound id never known about). Later on I did some research on the album and found a website showing the movie “Interstella 5555”; a movie using nothing but the music of the Discovery album to guide your mind through its plots and emotions! I thought the idea was silly at first; but then I started to watch it.
I was already blown away by the album, but now as the songs played with the scenes of the movie they took on a whole new meaning; the lyrics were changed and they weren’t just random words anymore, but words to tell a story!

I guess that feeling of a song evolving its meaning without it actually changing; and that song enhancing the emotions provided in a different type of media is what I love most about music, and I feel that I will never experience that again.

The only OST I have enjoyed almost as much as Discovery was the OST for the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn”.
The music there convey such emotion and ferocity; which in turn enhances the plot when needed. The mix of synth and orchestral instruments and singers makes it sound so outstanding and grand! Unicorn, Univers, and Mobile Suit are my top favorites from the entire OST, its really a shame that songs from Anime aren’t given as much credit as other music made for other types of medias.

Unicorn Song

Univers Song

Mobile Suit Song


Lux aeterna


You have the mobile suit song in place of the unicorn song…oops.


I agree with you about the OST’s from anime being underappreciated. Personally I think the Bruce Faulconer soundtrack for DBZ is the greatest anime soundtrack of all time. It just freaking works.

My biggest disappointment with DBZ Super is the complete lack of any tracks from the Faulconer soundtrack, which would have improved it 100% as the actual soundtrack for DB Super is freaking Jpop, which just doesn’t work for me.


Also as Garbage as I think Aerosmith is.

this is song is legendary


Great creation!


i know this may be laughed at but i love assassins creed 2 ost

this particular song gives me chills hearing it and the emotions and years attached to ezio. this song sends me back down the road of a remembrance


Beethoven’s 9th - Ode To Joy

See the worlds best Xmas movie

Starts in the background around minute one. - Japan - Mob - Immortal Beloved


I’m not even from US, but I find this music very interesting in some way


Just got this.

Bit generic maybe, but it works. Great song.

I would not go so far and say, that it´s the best song ever created…

Don´t really know what´s the best song ever created. I listen to different stuff all the time. Depending on mood and stuff. You can´t pick one imo. It does not work.

Also this is really good!!


I have a terrible musical taste, but here it goes:

Arguably the best solo debut by a rap artist.


Transport yourself 300 years into the past and witness a true epic.


Not the greatest piece of music of all time for me, but definitely one of my favorites. OCMS has some fucking amazing music.

The harmonica solo is something I am yearning to learn to whistle.


Fanfare for the Common Man



Any ‘best’ answers are tough for me when it comes to music. Be it bands/musicians or pieces of music, I always like to divide things up based on the main genres I like since it is too difficult to pick one answer. Here’s some ideas that come to mind:

Prog Metal album:
Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (2002)

The ‘best’ DT album is hotly debated among DT fans, but this epic concept album has been my favorite since it was released back in 2002. Not only does it contain some of the best music DT has ever written but, like a good symphonic piece, it shows their range better than any other album, transitioning between light, sweet melodies, somber ballads and dark crushing soundscapes. A lot of DT albums are written as single pieces that can be strung together as a symphonic piece, but this album is the best example of that in my opinion and was recorded live in this format on the Score live album. Here’s the full album as one piece with symphony backing from the Score album if anyone is interested.

Classic Guitar piece:
Suite espanola No. 1, Op. 47: No. 1. Granada (Serenata) written by Isaac Albéniz and performed by Andrés Segovia

When it comes to classical guitar, I have a preference for Spanish composers. Suite Espanola and this opening (Granada) is one of the most beautiful classical compositions and, in my opinion, the best interpretation of the piece is by none other than maestro Segovia. This is definitely on my apocalypse playlist.

Instrumental electric guitar (virtuoso guitar):
Shawn Lane - The Way it Has to Be from his solo album, The Tri-tone Fascination (1999)

Most serious guitarists regard Shawn Lane as one of the greatest to ever play the instrument. His playing skill was amazing and his compositions were second to none. This track is one of my favorites. It’s amazingly uplifting and always inspires me.

Trance track:
Arksun - Arisen (2006)

This track is simply epic. I remember the first time I heard it on Van Buuren’s ASoT 2006 album. The production is amazing even by today’s standards. There’s always been some mystery behind Arksun since he was never a very prolific producer. He was actively creating tracks between 1999 and 2002, but then went on hiatus for a handful of years. When he released Arisen, which was voted as the best trance track of 2006 most folks hadn’t heard of him and thought that a new producer got lucky and hit one out of the park on his first try. Adding to the mystery surrounding him, Arisen would be his last known production release. I think I read somewhere that he started working as a freelance sound engineer which lends some credence to his genius.

Stoner/Doom metal masterpiece:
Yob - Marrow from the album Clearing the Path to Ascend (2014)

This just has to go to a Yob song. When it comes to doom metal, they are the masters of creating emotive soundscapes and almost tangible environments. I could’ve picked any number of their songs (Great Cessation, Aeons), but Marrow had to be to the final decision. If you aren’t familiar with this band and you like heavy stuff, check them out.

There’s a lot more stuff that I could post, but I’ll keep it at that for now :slight_smile: