The GPU the culprit?

Hey so never had a GPU failure, so not sure if it is the one giving me the problems. Normally when the card is artifacting it probably has an issue, but the only time I can get it to do that is when I open Up at the top it will artifact and then app will seem to blink or something, but if I close it out and reopen it works fine. So thought to self could be driver or being sucky? When I have played any games I haven't had any issues, ran Furmark no issues, but browsing Internet and watching videos sometimes my screen will go black and sometimes sound will get stuck and then go away, but computer will not come back without shutting down. I have had my computer shut off when idle or messing with comp. for 5 min and other times stay on for at least 24 hrs and still no issue.

I decided to switch gpus with my old computer and now I do not have issues, but screen going black is very random, so not sure yet. Now old computer is connected to a TV in the living room, when gpu in old computer seems to not have the same issue as before, but did black screen after some time.

So could it be a driver issue? I rolled the driver back to the current whql version instead of the current beta, but it black screened the comp. and possibly twitched a bit, but not sure since when I did pay attention to the screen nothing happened, but looked away for a second and back up it looked like it might of did something.

Anyone ever rma to powercolor? Hope it doesn't suck. lol

Oh and I am using the same os on both comps. it is Windows 10. Thanks!

Your system specs would help. is the only thing I use daily that never gave me any trouble.

I knew I forgot something and not sure how much you want lol, anyway main comp: amd 8350, amd r9 270, Asus mobo, and 2 ssd (1 with Windows 10,other ubuntu)

Old comp: amd 965 black, 6870, Windows 10