The Google Hangouts...Let's Make Them Something More

Google + Me = No, but I WILL be attending the sessions while being more in the background than anything.

Once I get the money, I will get a Serious Sam 2 game server going.

Wait, wait, wait. No one ever told me there were google hangouts! I'm totally down for doing some kind of hangout + gaming night. You have my full support for VLAN parties. And who couldn't love Minecraft porno parties?

Here was one omeagle trolling session from one of the hangouts (my picture is also from this very video xD )

You and I?

We'll get along together just fine.

You'd have to convince all the hangout regulars, and they don't frequently check the boards. 

Will be done

I'd love to join! Just let me know when, where, what time and what game. I have a copy of dxtory somewhere I believe.


Awesome, id love to join but please announce it a few days before it actually is.

Thanks, I'm a Pistol transplant from Twitch, so it'll be fun. I am a co-community manager for another community but plan on hanging around here a bunch, y'all seem fun peoples.