The Google Hangouts...Let's Make Them Something More

Most everyone already knows about the TekSyndicate google hangouts that go on, but alot of the time, it's just people sitting around and occasonally chatting. 

Who is opposed to the idea of having a VLAN party? We could get a client like Hamachi or Evolve, and have virtual lan parties. It's a base idea, but a fun one at that.

Those who have fraps could record their gameplay and we could put it together in one single video.

We could play any game, really. Just an idea.


I'd love to participate... Should figure out what games we play .. That would be interesting

I am with both hands for FPS or RTS like (Red Alert 2  :D) 

Usually, there are only around two to three people playing games and the others just lightly chatting. Kind of sad xD

And if people like the idea, games will be discussed later 

Minecraft porno parties.

Fuck you if you're opposed.

Only if we play horror adventure maps <3 *hump hump hump*

That's a mandatory thing.


some online mayhem with the community seems like a cool idea

Once a week maybe <3 Let's see how many people say they will actually join before we start

I'm in.   Just so long as there's horror sex.

We could play Endless Space, Minecraft, Civilization V, or Crysis 3 Beta/some other FPS. I think a TekSyndicate Minecraft server would be awesome.

Im working on setting up an MC Server xD

I've spent so much time on the I. Regime.  Hooray for an ever expaning City in the Sky!  :D

We need to think of a week;y schedule for the vlan party xD Assuming enough people like the idea

i have all those other than crysis 3 beta, but i do own all the ones befor it :)

We could do them every Wednesday and every Friday, both at 8 p.m. EST. We play for a few hours, record, stream, chat, game, etc. It would be extremely fun :)

Let's wait and see the opinions of the people who ususally frequent the hangouts

Being still a new face around here, I'm normally quiet, but this sort of thing is what I love, community interaction. I've seen similar things like this, game nights if you will, meet we a relativly resounding success in other communities, and I would definate come round to throw down, as long as I have the game.

Me and SkullAbyss started doing google hangouts, and since then, members have them /almost/ every night. Sometimes, we troll Omeagle, or just hang out and talk lightly. You may have one or two people playing a game and streaming it up on the hangout, but they are often different games and they stay quiet while gaming.


Soooooo a single day in the week for just gaming, and one particular game at that, or several games, is what would be pretty cool. And welcome to TekSyndicate btw <3 Try not to be quiet and shy, people love to chat here :P

I used to frequent said hangouts, but then I got fed up with all the bullshit that went on, so I don't join the hangouts anymore...

Some people are ignorant. Can't stop them from being dicks