The Good Enough Gaming PC

Now I have posted 3 requests and all have been answered greatly but I was wandering...

I have £1000 altogether but I don't think I should be spending that much as it is just for my 12 (soon to be 13) year old son as a birthday present.

So my question is what is the lowest price I should spend on a gaming pc, now the pc I want for my son has to run modern (and future) games smoothly without any lag and it should be upgradable in the future to new GPU's or anything I want. I would like the lowest price for the things I need.

If you have answered with a price than would it be too much to ask if you could actually give me a pc part picker link to the parts you would use for the budget you will use.

Thanks in advance.

We can make one as cheap or expensive as you want. the more you spend, the more performance we can get. For 1000 you could get this: you wouldn't have to upgrade for 4 years comfortably. Or you could spend 400 and have to upgrade in maybe 2 years. But for those 2 years you get a downgraded experience.

It would also be useful to know the resolution that will be used and the games that will be played.

Also, are peripherals needed? OS?

No peripherals, no OS just the PC itself


All I wanted was a price for a PC which is upgradable and plays modern and future games smoothly but I wanted to know the lowest price for this type of sytem.

This wouldn't be too bad for 1920x1080 gameplay.  You can add another R9 270X in the future due to the 750w PSU, and have plenty of room for overclocking.