The God Tier Gaming Peripherals

From what I've seen, then end all best monitor is:  any 120hz Benq 

God Tier Mouses : Zowie AM , Death Adder 

Keyboard : Doesn't really matter, anything with high number of pressable at once keys 

Headset: Siberia V2's, Astro's are used widly with pro console gamers. 


Not as simple as picking a brand and stating what other people use. It depends on your own requirements, what games you prefer to play. I use Roccat peripherals just because of the keyboard layout and all the macros I can assign. No one else uses Roccat! Some people like Razer peripherals, and others say they are over priced.

Uhh, no. Completelly wrong on all accounts.

Monitor: Dell U3014, 30", 2560x1600, 60hZ

Mouse: Not much better after Logitech G600, Steelseries Sensei Fnatic, and Func MS3

Keyboard: Ducky, Filco, Roccat, KBT/KBC, Leopold, Happy Hacking, IMB. The Happy Hacking Pro II is the best keyboard I have ever used. The IMB model M and model F are fantastic, as well. Leopolds and Filcos are more standard. Ducky is bottom-of-the-line.

Headset: Beyerdynamic MMX330, hands down.

Best monitor

Best mouse: Zowie AM

Best Keyboard: The K70 looks pretty nice

Best Headset: Razer Tiamat 7.1 (With a nice sound card too)

I personally don't like the death adder, Its so light weight.

Imo, the mouse is the device with the most impact on the gaming experience, and every player prefers another mouse, and doesn't like to change. I still use the Logitech G5, which is old, but good, and I'm used to it, so I wouldn't want to change.

Keyboards for gaming PC are a bit overrated in my opinion, a good keyboard is a good keyboard, but doesn't have to be a mechanical keyboard per se. For productivity, that's a different story, typing on a mechanical keyboard with buckling springs or Cherry MX Blue/Green/White/Clear switches, is a lot faster and easier than on membrane keyboards. For gaming however, there are some crazy good membrane keyboards also. I still use the old Logitech G11 and G15 keyboards for gaming, and I see no reason to change.

Monitor is also something that is very personal. I want IPS panels because I also do photo editing on my monitors, and I use only one set of monitors for multiple systems. I bought three 27" panels, but didn't like it, I was effecively using only two of them, because it's just too big for my use. So I gave them to my wife and bought three 23" panels. I also have a 30" panel, but I don't like it that much, I can't see the entire screen at my usual viewing distance, I was like always rolling back my chair with stretched arms to keyboard and mouse in games when I was in a fight, so that I could see everything, which was ergonomically not a good thing (it was a good workout though), and it looked ridiculous. With the 23" panels that I use now, I don't have that anymore. Moving to the 23" panels did mean a substantial reduction in resolution, as they are 1920x1080 panels, which is quite a bit less than the 27" panels and the 30" panel, but I'm not missing is as much as I anticipated, it was only strange for the first day or so. I do also have laptops with 1920*1080 and 1600*900 resolution, and I have an external 1600*900 monitor for my 1600*900 laptop also (because the laptop has an ugly TN panel), so I'm not absolutely used to higher than FullHD resolutions. I prefer multiple monitors over a larger monitor with higher resolution. My new 23" panels are also frameless, which is great, it's the best feature by far to be made available to panels recently in my opinion.

I don't use headsets all that much, I have a few, and the one I use the most is probably the Creative HS950, which is small, sturdy, sounds good because it has X-Fi, and I can take it everywhere. Most of the time though I use speakers or AKG headphones and a desk microphone, and yes, I'm one of those crazy people that use a studio microphone at the PC, in my case an AKG or Neumann large membrane condenser mic that goes into a small Mackie mixer with a JoeMeek Compressor in the mic channel's insert, then into a TC Electronics Audio Interface. I also have a couple of plain (aka "business look") dynamic mics with an extended cardioid pattern for videoconferencing and online meetings, that I can use on the boardroom table in my main office, and for which I've actually programmed an intelligent matrix control myself so that it localises the prevalent sound source where the camera is pointed and vice versa, and I was planning to expand that system with an array of webcams that can bring up a PiP of the person talking, but I didn't get that far yet (I kinda lost motivation after encountering a problem that requires a bit of study and time to sort it out, so I put the development on hold, at least until next winter).

logitech mice are rerally nice. headsets are pretty nice as well, excluding the software probs...  the keyboard is really personal preference... cherry browns or blues usually...

What I'm rocking now is a HANNS-G HZ194 as a monitor, Team Scorpion X-LUCA mouse, Philips SHC8525 wireless headphones (favorite headphones, great quality), and a stock keyboard.

When I build a new computer, I'll be buying an ASUS VH278HZ monitor, a Razer BlackWidow keyboard, and I'll be re-using the headphones and mouse.