The games of 2012 that I'm excited for

Video games as of late have been very lack-luster for me. When I think video games, I think imersive environments, stories that pull you in, characters that make you want to influence the outcome of the game in the name of the heroes!

Basically - I want to be entertained for the 60 sometimes 70 bucks I just spent on your stupid game.

Lately however, I have noticed that there has been a decline on focus of imersion and more of a focus on ''Multi-player''. And specifically the stupid free for all death match kind.

This concept got old quick with Doom. And yet, every game franchise brings it back!

The last game that actually focused on PLOT, STORY, IMERSION that I remembered that actually got me to play it over and over again was Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

But since then, alot of games did not have the appeal for me that they did back then. Nothing wowed me. Yeah graphics got better, and kills got better, and multiplayer abilities got better. But that was never my thing. 

Unless you had co-op. Now that was a cool feature. And one, that few game makers these days will give you the chance for.

There were quite a few good games that had a co-op to it, and it actually worked quite well. But it would seem that game developers are more focused on those Multiplayer whining wannabees who just wanna run around and shoot people to prove their ''l33t'' skils.

But since then, there are a few franchises that HAVE gotten back to that art of immersive game play, that I am salivating for. And WILL drop the $60 price tag to get in a heart beat.

6. God of War: Ascension

5. Halo 4

4 Resident Evil 6

3 Assasin's Creed 3

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

1. Crysis 3


Each one of these games, has what looks like a story line I could get behind. Each franchise has paid more attention to story, and content, than multiplayer or re-distributing power within the game mechanics.

In games like these the heros are supposed to be one man armies. Exceptional people who won't quit. Who won't back down. Who won't get killed because they took an arrow to the knee (I know, bad pun bit it's late) or some stupid shit like that.

These games have brought back for me the reason games should be around. To immerse you in a world that is more exciting and more intense than the world you live in today.

Past - or -Future......


So what games are you looking forward to in the remainder of 2012?

pokemon Black and White 2, yeah I'm sereous, with the exception of a few nintendo exclusives and 1 maybe 2 games for PC, all the games I look forward to were made pre-2007, maybe that one PC game that had the mech standing in the raining post apocliptic world with nobody alive anymore, hard reset I think, that would be about it

oh and maybe some indie games

I've played several video games, but I'm willing to get a payday loan for a more exciting Halo and Resident Evil. I just hope that it wouldn't take a long time from now.

I'm looking for Baldur's Gate II, Enhanced Edition