The game everyone should get

The game everyone should get.... PLAIN SIGHT! :D
It's a brand new indie game released @ steam

Keywords: Ninja robots


"Plain Sight is a multiplayer arcade game about suicidal ninja robots.

Fly through space, leap over planetoids and destroy opponents with your
trusty katana.

Killing fellow robots lets you steal their tasty, tasty energy. Packed with
spinach-like goodness; energy makes you bigger, stronger, faster and generally
more awesome.

Being all big and badass is great, but in this game it doesn’t win you the
match. It makes you a target.

To win, you have to convert your energy into points...

How do you do this? Simple. Kill yourself.

Press the button and turn your happy little robot into a vicious ball of
enemy-absorbing plasma. The more opponents you take out, the better.

Upgrade your robot, respawn and get stuck in again...

This game seems really awesome, and it would be even more awesome if quite a few rtw members bought the game, so we could all play together : 3 It's pretty cheap too.. 9 EURO @steam

Are you guys on weed or somethin'?

Sounds more like the Koran's How to be a suicide bomber for allah kind of game.

Eat shit and die you Indie lover

Fuck I love indie game devs. I'll try to get this man, I'll let you know when I do.

Allahu Akbar!!!

Weeman have it already, i'll buy it tomorrow I think

that actually looks really fun. Might get it friday

i just lost the game.

Arrghh I wont be getting it as some unexpected shit happened to my moped today.
Had to buy new brakefluid pump... D: 400 NOK.. D:

dont buy it looks bad

Who are you to decide on what I think looks awesome?Â
if you had played the game, I might have ttaken your advise, but youre saying it "LOOKS bad"... silly post.

sorry green buy it if u want i just dont like it
btw i meant it look bad from the video not like graphics or anything