The future of gaming

I have issues playing alot of first person games and some third person (such as the witcher 2) as i get motion sick. I'd really like to see more games come out that are third person as it means greater accessibility to me personally. I was wondering what other people thought about this. A good example of a game that would be better in third person is Skyrim. I feel that i get more enjoyment from the third person mode but it's clealy not optimized for third person playing (try picking up objects on the ground or bookshelves). Also, it's a better experience, i think, as you can do more with the character when its focused on third person. Look at games like devil may cry or castlevania. The fixed camera view lets them show off all of the nuances of the attacks and abilities. I feel like games like skyrim and other first person shooters like call of duty and battlefield miss out on that. Also, i personally feel that first person is terrible to begin with as its nothing like looking through your own eyes.Anyway, i was just curious what some people thought about where games are going, as i feel like everything is in first person.

Although I can se where you are coming from with third person shooters, personally it just doesn't work.

Firstly you can see behind you as well as infront at the same time, which in real life... you can't. eg someone can not sneak up on you as you will see them instead of just hear them.

You also lose the feild of vision where your character is stood. You effectivley have a big freaking blind spot that enemies can hide in. EDIT: (I think Deus Ex was the most recent example I can think of)


What is it about FP that makes you feel that you aren' that person? Is it that the whole screen is in focus, when IRL there it is only a point of vision focused and the rest is blurred peripheral vision? 

For me I don't mind third or first person. But there is a reason for them as some types of games just dont suit certain vision types.

It's the way the person's body is viewed. You see more than a gun. you see your torso, arms, chest. You see alot more typically than they show in first person shooters. But alot of it has to do with me getting motion sick, at least i think its motion sickness.

Motion sickness due to virtual reality is very similar to simulation sickness and motion sickness due to films. In virtual reality, however, the effect is made more acute as all external reference points are blocked from vision, the simulated images are three-dimensional and in some cases stereo sound that may also give a sense of motion.

You might be able to combat it by turning things like stereo sound off and anything like weapon bobbing. The thruth is that the FPS setup does such a good job of fooling your brain that you think its real but because your not actually moving your brain has a benny and makes you feel sick.