The Future of Cryptocurrency?

I have definitely donated to this crowdfund. I think they have the right idea. Just what Cryptocurrencies need to push ahead.

I don't like the idea. The way they'll operate would make them the cryptocurrency equivalent of a bank. The whole idea of cryptocurrency is that it's decentralised.

I don't agree that it makes it equivalent to a bank. It seems to me that this is simply a way to more easily buy crypto, which is great for making crypto more widely used. Furthermore, it allows you to buy crypto anonymously since you can pay for the cards with cash, as opposed to transferring money to some exchange from you bank.

However, I'm somewhat sceptical of idea to make crypto a physical product. One of the advantages of crypto is that it's not a physical product.

It wouldn't be making the Crypto a physical product. You buy the card and it's a cash voucher that you can use to buy Crypto. it seems to me, the goal is to bring Crypto to the people who don't understand buying it and just making it as simple as possible.

The future of crypto currency is that it disappears the moment it become a genuine alternative to the central banks monopoly on money. Creating a bank like structure/service will only speed up that process imo. Fiat money is the biggest racket in the world to begin with and the mob behind it are not into letting anyone onto their turf who are bigger than a curiosity.

/My two bitcoins.

I agree that the banking system is rotten (there's a great TED talk on this: ) and that the banks have a lot of power. But fatalism is never a good way forward.

I don't see it as fatalism. Rather it is meant to make people think about what the next step is going to be, because it is obvious that the money masters are not just going to roll over if Cryto currency start to interfere with their interests and their monopoly. This imo is the stuff world wars are made of. By observing how sociopathic they behave in day to day business I don't think it is beyond reason to assume that they are the kind of people who would rather set the world ablaze than accept a change to the status quo.

You could always just withdraw your Coins to your own wallet/Hard drive. This is just a means of getting Cryptocurrency into the hands of everyone.