The Future Of Consoles

Wow, haven't been to the awesomeness which is TekSyndicate for a while and I have to say I've missed everything here so I'm back and ready to be enlightened


Anyway, I know that console gaming isn't exactly what people come here for, it's a PC community here but at the same time the way consoles operate and are used affects the way that we game on PC. This next generation has been interesting already and for PC gamers this means that we will no longer be held back by crappy, ancient hardware that the average laptop can now outperform (as long as the new consoles get good adoption rates). But, my question is, what'll happen the generation after this, or the one after that, when technology has progressed astronomically from where it is today? I personally doubt that console gamers will be gaming the same way as they are today in a few generation's time.


This next generation has offered one solution which is steam-like features (as offered by the Xbox One) and moving to a purely digital system where you can only buy the games new through the console or through some surviving retailers. As seen by other ways of media, digital seems to be the next way to go for console gaming too, where TV is being watched online on on demand systems (and the Xbox One), movies being watched on Netflix, books being read on tablets and music is downloaded through programs like iTunes where CD sales are dropping while digital distribution is increasing drastically. You would think that gaming would follow but consumers currently are refusing this because of extra problems like the Xbox's DRM and the other issues you all know about. Consumers need to, and will be edged into the digital gaming scene this generation, and then moving purely to digital will not be met with as much of a resistance.

Yes there are problems with this system. You wouldn't get used games or game trading/lending (unless the manufacturers implament them) so a lot of the things that make console gaming appealing to people (apart from price and ease of use) would be lost. They would have to rely on Microsoft, Sony and anyone else to make deals similar to steam so gamers aren't dishing out tonnes of cash for titles. So with this, people would need to trust these companies.


Another theory is the use of mobile technologies to be the future games consoles. This would just mean that you plug a tablet in through HDMI and use a bluetooth controller to play your games. Surprisingly, this is already a decent way to play games. Some tablets already have HDMI outputs and support bluetooth controllers and the experience can actually be quite good, even with the graphical ugliness which even makes current gen consoles look awesome. Although, the development of chips like the Tegra 4 have given mobile games the chance to have high fidelity visuals and devices such as the nVidea Shield proves this. Obviously there would need to be major overhauls with the software of these devices to make them appealing as console replacements and this would not be a quick progress, and would happen gradually as more core games come onto mobile and as the power of these devices increase to eventually match the consoles of that generation.


Well those are only two of the ways that console gaming can change. There can be many more and at this point in time it is bloody impossible to tell what could happen to gamers who haven't joined the PC master race. Until then we will need to see how things go with the Xbone and the PS4. All I hope is that they don't cock it up and us PC gamers can get the long awaited freedom of better console hardware.


Thanks for reading guys and I will (hopefully) have another post up next week.

Love you all


Consoles are "trying" to become your main living room entertainment system. For now, that is the way it will stay. Basically, Microsoft and Sony would like nothing more for you to simply be hooked up straight to your TV, and use their console for everything you do, from social media, to movies, to games.

After we go through which console can log into Facebook the best however, I believe we're going to be getting really close to the virtual reality side of games. We already have the Oculus Rift, which is already getting some pretty big adaption, so it isn't going to be long before we're laying down in a bed and can completely immerse ourselves in games. I give it maybe, 10 to 20 years. Unforunately by then I won't be able to enjoy it.

As I said those are only two of the ways, and to be honest I agree with you! I hope that gaming on all systems will be more immersive and I also hope that the technology is quick with coming along! Unfortunately it will be slowly developed until people start using these devices and it gains a foothold in the market.

Well yeah the next gen consoles may improve gaming straight away, or it may take a year or 2 for anything to come out and actually use the hardware correctly and give us some decent ports if there is such a thing.

Then 2 years after that we'll be so far ahead agian that we'll be back to where we have been for the last 5 years and rely on modding to make the most of games.

Digital distribution is already a reality on current gen consoles and will continue with next gen but its not comparable to that on the PC for one reason - competition. On consoles you are locked into buying from one storefront and one storefront only. Without competition there is no reason for aggressive sales or to go that extra mile to be the best service for your customers like there is on the PC, consoles makers know that once your have purchased the console you are a captive audience.