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The free year of Vessle is almost out: Who here is actually going to pay for it?

I'm not sure if I want to. People like free shit (free as in I don't have to pay) and that's why Youtube and Facebook are big, but I like Vessel's higher bitrate videos and how the content creators get a cut and it all goes back into the system and the content improves.

I guess if you pay $20 per year, it's only $0.06 per day. For just six cents per day, you can help a starving creator. (especially since that nickel and penny isn't worth the metal they're made of)

I had never even heard of Vessle. To be honest I don't see any reason to pay for it when Youtube is free. Youtube red might even be a better option if you're trying to support your creators. Though that is only available in the USA atm.

Or you could use patreon to support them and keep using free services.

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I have the feeling that Linus followers will half when the "last day" arrives...
I like YouTubes "Watch adds for videos"-concept.

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id rather buy merchandise or patreon than pay for a service which i only watch 3 shows from. i would pay for youtube red if they support the channels more.

Vessel? Eh I remember LTT selling that. Eh no way I will pay for it as I prefer to give my money through a service like Patreon where I can give as little as $1 and also hopefully in the future I will be getting a shirt from the store. I have one I really want. I would much rather support Tek Syndicate this way. The heck with Vessel.

Not me as there is not enough content to justify the price. So i will just wait for new fairly boring LTT content.

I might pay for it at he yearly rate. I don't watch many channels on it but maybe that will change. Maybe not, oh well

Spoiler Alert: nobody chose to pay for it

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2 years later… why

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posting in a necro thread


Obviously he is having a direct conection to the past. So he is spoiling them what is gonna happen.

At least there’s Floatplane Club now.

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I honestly don’t know why they don’t just patreon for that stuff. Did they ever say why they chose floatplane over patreon?

They get to keep more money(in theory) and slowly become less reliant on other people to host their files

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Alright not a bad reason. Hope it works for them.



Vessel’s no more…