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The free bitcoin epidemic

Hey, have you also gotten mail from


Please do not activate your account.

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It’s okay, I don’t need Bitcoin.
Thomas from Nigeria is going to help me import $40 million.
I’ve sent him the release fee, so any day now I’ll be rich!

I have also brought some penis enlargement pills in the post4, so when I am rich, I will be able to bone All the ladies…

Speaking of which, I have a tough decision of whether to take up Monica or Magdalena as a bride, for a really reasonable price, but I figure that would be one too many decisions for one day…
Although there was one helpful missive inviting me to a conference where I can Learn To Harness The Inner Powers Of Focus Mind


I have over 3million in bitcoin that i need to send to you, All I need is a mere $10,000 to be able to transfer the funds to you. (not I saw a bunch of free bitcoin crap on twitter)

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Actually, was looking for more thoughtful comments on how to not have your email used like this…

My spam is full, basically I get 5 emails per day or so but this is not my spam folder…

Yeah, don’t share your email with ANY service / organisation / website / people, and you won’t get much* spam.

*no guarantee’s.

Due to the nature of email, you can’t stop spam, Best/only thing is to manage / filter the mail.


Im so bitcoin rich i could retire. At least thats what all the emails i get tell me and the adverts on twitter. All i need to do it give them some personal details!

It seems to be everywhere lately.


Actually, was looking for more thoughtful comments on how to not have your email used like this.

It’s not very expensive to put email under your own domain. Then you can use an email service (or run your own server, if you prefer) with unlimited aliases.

Generate a unique address for each legitimate company you interact with.

Subscribe that domain to Have I Been Pwned to get alerts when any of the addresses appear in breaches contains personally identifying information.

As your address gets leaked, you can tell where the leak came from because the address identifies it.

Stop giving data to companies that leak it. Delete accounts and burn addresses as needed.


Yeah with this pandemic all the criminals and scammers are working from home too with a fresh batch of new recruits because most people have no marketable skill online and is in dire need of cash.

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I have an own email domain going thru protonmail for extra security.

Thanks for the advice.

Quick look in my Spam folder:
Ah yes.

Yay? I don’t even have an amazon account

Murican rights? In Germany? I am in!

Is this dutch?

Oh, found a good one!

Most of my spam is in Italian. I’m not sure why.

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Are you guys running your own mail server or something?

RE: “Is this dutch?” - yes, it is. It reads “Why didn’t you reply to my texts?”. I paraphrased it a little bit, because no one I know would word it like that. “teksten” is not the way we would write it; if we would use that word it would be spelled “texten” (though both are correct, the “teksten” version would arguably be considered old spelling which is not often used at all anymore)

If we would ask anyone why they didn’t reply to our text (sms) we’d specify that, or if mails etc. So yeah.

Here’s a tip in general though: Any mail that has emoticons in the subject - big chance it’s spam :wink:


Use one alias per service. If you sign up for coffee beans using [email protected], and all of a sudden you start getting spam to that address, it makes it really obvious which company has leaked your email - and then you can just drop the alias (and the company).

I use 33mail for this for when I attend conventions and all the booths with freebies want my contact details.

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Figured as much. Being German, reading Dutch is not entirely impossible (allthough difficult at times).
Was just not sure if it really was dutch. Thanks for the info. :smiley:


So this ip tried to login to my freebitocoin account that I did not make but for some reason they made it without the verification code.

Using email alias or public email inbox for signup of somethings helps.

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