The Forest - Anyone picking this up?

I picked up The Forest on Steam Early Access today. I have been following the game for a while now so I felt confident purchasing it in its Alpha state. If anything, I think its pretty well off for an alpha build.

Anywho, are any of you guys picking this game up as well, or have already?  What do you think about it so far and what strategies, if any, do you use?

I found the game to be incredibly difficult.  I am not sure if this is due to its early build or an inherent characteristic of the game.  I thought it was very good looking graphically and i liked that animations and controls.  It was also bloody terrifying even playing it in the early afternoon in a sunny room. i am afraid to play in the dark...

Wasn't even aware of this game...Im really out of the loop right now. But after seeing this thread I looked at the game, gasped, squealed like a little girl and spammed the buy button on steam. I will report back after logging some time on this game and let you know what I think.

I remember seeing this on a Tek video and thought it looked pretty cool. So does it have a story or objectives to follow, or is it just about surviving and going on as long as you can? If it's the latter I'll definitely pick it up.

My cousin will and I'll get it when he thinks it's great.

Wow, the gameplay looked insanely scary. I definitely won't mind supporting it but the indie would have to have a time window of final release. I'm not gonna beta test a game indefinitely.

I am not sure if it will have a story to it but it looks like it wont.  Objectives in the game are currently to survive.  That means eating, sleeping, making/finding shelter, and not getting killed by nightmare-inducing mutant cannibals.  In the first few seconds of the game you are shown sitting next to a child who is then taken by one of the cannibals.  So maybe one of the objectives of the game is to get him back?  I also noticed a minorly damaged sail boat on shore during one game, so maybe another would be to repair it and escape the island/area.  I am just speculating here, but those sound like other plausible scenarios of 'winning' the game other than just surviving for a few days.

The longest I have survived is 3 days...

I started a screenshot feed on The Forest check it out

its a fun game but its super alpha right now but only 12 bucks I got my moneys worth for sure.


Bought this today, really fun so far but the cannibals scare the shit out of me. Also saving doesnt work so you cant leave and come back to where you left off but that should be fixed soon. Good game especially for the price. 

I agree its a great price i got my moneys worth after a couple hours of play time.

Got it a few days ago, even in alpha its worth the money, I can over look the bugs, as for strategies (more like bug abusing) I use the plane as shelter because the AI cant seem to work out how to get in, and have a fire "with in arms reach" so you can keep warm.

Nice I've been looking for a survival game. I was gonna get RUST but it sounds like a grief-fest at the mo. Thought about State of Decay, but I played the crap outta that on the 360 so I think I'll go with this.

No. Have been burned by too many 'early access' games. Back in the day betas (let alone alphas) were FREE to play.