The first ever quantum computer available to the public

IBM has made available a 5 qbit computer available remotely to the public, this is fantastic!

WPA2 key cracking here i come.

ouch.... 128 char key I am coming

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Gone are prime based encyptions!


/me counts a bit.. so left is are shifting chypers with onetime pads? - the 1800jhd whants its encryption back...

I think we are treading on thin water with this. encryption will be useless once the government gets there hands on this.

But can it run Linux.

we can put doom on toasters. i think we should be able to put linux on a quantum computer

What about quantum encryption?

calm down everybody... it's only 5qbits.... you won't be cracking any encryption with that lol.

but its a million times faster than my toaster

How does that work anyway? Will someone need to figure out how to keep 256 qbits in their weird state in order to break aes256?

But can it run Crysis?


I was wondering how the consoles would regain their gaming hegemony.

Oh... Okay.

moves to AES-512

you were saying?


Only if it's based on prime numbers. So RSA encryption, certainly, and with the gaping holes in elliptic curve, that's already crackable on binary hardware. but properly-implemented AES encryption, from what I understand, only reduces to about half its difficulty even with a quantum computer. So AES-256 just goes down to AES128 in terms of difficulty, which is still pretty damned hard.

But we can go well beyond 256-bit encryption now :33333


*But we should go well beyond

I can finally run those heavy simulations! Yay!