The extreme budget build
That is the problem.

Is it just not sold there? that sucks...

Just out of curiosity I have been looking through the book department... Trudi Canvan, Australian Author, Book availability: 0 when looking for a paper version... Sucks to live down there.

My Friend has her sister over there
but that won't help when
dont trust seagate drives.
fx6300 is a 6 core and with that cpu cooler you can overclock pretty well. if you can get a second hand case or ram or hd it'll save you quiet a bit.

Actually. I just realized there's a Pawn shop that sells old HDDs
They're not fantastic, but they're cheap.
They also sell ram but DDR2 ain't gonna be easy to find a mobo for...

Have you considered going with just an APU until he can afford a better GPU?

Edit: it would allow for a better PSU and put you within the budget for now.

That won't end well.
Knowing him he'll get annoyed it isn't as good as his PS4 and leave it to die...

Well I say this because you chose the 750 ti, which is a downgrade (at best on par) from even the modified 7870 (closer to a 7850) in the PS4. An APU would at least allow him to spend $200-250 later to get a real console killer.

Edit: If you must get a GPU why not get a R7 265? It should cost less and offers better performance at a slightly higher power draw. Although it would require a 500w PSU...
There is your problem (again).

I would go with an A10-7870k and leave the GPU be for now. The A10 alone can push 1920x1080 at 30FPS on medium in BF4 with 1866MHz RAM.
It would look like this:

I went the route that @bound4earth and @CrossCarbon suggested. It allowed me to used an old PSU, HD and old but good 1080 monitor. I can upgrade when I want and I haven't even started tweaking it yet. I like that I can OC the iGPU and get a good boost acording to Eteknix

It won't beat a PS4,...yet. Love those PC game prices.
You know your friend best. It may be better to let him save up some and let him use yours from time to time.

I like what Wendell did in a vid: Get one of the very last silver tower mac pros, upgrade the CPU's, put in a GPU. Slap in some ram call it a day.

Honestly that would be the best bang on the nail without going to 700 or above unless he wanted to do a phenom build (which isn't great, I have one). Costs about 400 bucks and high quality.