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The expectation of privacy "DM vs PM"


something I have debated with people else where and here I wonder the stance here.

When communication with people is said to be a “DM” vs a “PM”
when does the term remove the expectation of privacy? I have seen no legal or social ideal with this. Does a direct message mean you have privacy in the communication or does the term remove that. if so would only using the term private message, does that hold any weight for privacy?
The only similar thing I have seen is when you throw things into the trash you “don’t want them” therefore give up ownership and allow people (police) to dig through ‘your’ trash for anything they want.

In my opinion a DM has no weight for privacy and a PM does because how lawyers will argue terms. but i am no lawyer.



This only has bearing with regard to the platform.

Direct Message vs Private Message. Neither has a legal definition AFAIK, and only the platform has any discrepancy in terms of whether it’s actually private.

Without encryption it’s irrelevant anyway.