THE EVIL HAS BEEN VANQUISHED! (Comcast + twc = failed)

Today, about 2 hours ago, one of the great evils of our time, has been vanquished before it could begin. The monopoly that would have been formed by the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, is dead, as Comcast has withdrawn its bid.

"Comcast is going to drop its $45.2-billion bid to buy Time Warner Cable, Bloomberg's Alex Sherman reports.

Comcast is bowing out of bidding amid expectations that regulators were going to kill the deal anyway.

Bloomberg says Comcast's announcement will come as soon as Friday.

Opposition to this deal has always been based on the idea that Comcast and Time Warner Cable already provide poor service and that they would have less incentive to improve that service after they combined. there would be one less competitor in the market."



Ah , a little too early to say for sure. Its does look hopeful that the deal is dead. I wanna an official bow out from ConCrap tho. :)

It's supposed to be happening tomorrow if I read correctly. Still, exciting.

Exactly. The signs are positive....however don't count Comcast out just yet. Evil like that doesn't die nor give up easily. However given that the attempted acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T a few years ago failed because of almost exactly the same thing that is facing the Comcast TWC merger is promising indeed.

ever watch starwars and the storm troopers cant hit anything and the reason is because the rebels are being allowed to escape? This is like that. lol.


he he What can you leverage if the tax payers already paid for it?

We have won, for now... Victory shall only be truly ours when competition thrives once more.


In related news...

Time Warner has filed for bankruptcy and will begin selling off its assets to Comcast.

Why must you remind me of this terrible thing called "reality?"


Do NOT return to Echo Base, I say again do NOT return to Echo Base!

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Interesting how this happened after the TWC blackout yesterday night.

I'll prove you wrong in Battlefront 3 Jedi!

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Just remember to aim. And watch out for those little stuffed teddy bears, we don't need a repeat of the forest moon of endor for f**ks sake.

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Too late. Teddy bear down! Teddy bear down!

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** Insert Wilhelm Scream **

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