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The emacs hub is to share how you are using emacs and your config files.

Here is mine


This is amazing.

If the forum users basically write the content for me an emacs vs vim video would be hilarious. I’d love this thread to be about how you use emacs or vim and what your customizations are. Threadjack. Lol sorry


I have quite the setup that is growing. I met a functional programming wizard where I work and he got me to switch and get a kinesis keyboard and I ordered foot pedals on my own. I set the three foot pedals to shift, alt, ctrl. Now when I search for files I hold my right foot down and x and f and that drops me into the ivy auto complete file search.


So is Emacs kind of an all-in-one program? That’s kinda the way I perceived it when I was reading up on it a little.

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It does everything and can do anything. It’s extremely customizable. You can even surf the web in it.

I love magit for a layer on top of git.

Can’t forget also that you can implement vim inside of emacs via evil mode.

I recommend taking the built in tutorial in emacs and trying out my install script

I’ll have to check it out, especially now that I’m almost done with classes and don’t need to rely on Adobe stuff any more so I’m going to be running Linux full-time again.

Don’t have access to it right now but I did use the three holy Grails of emacs last I used it properly:

  • magit, an awesome git frontend that allows for a lot of fun things like splitting line edits into several commits and easy merge audit
  • orgmode, it is… Extremely extremely helpful, hard to describe properly, nothing quite like it. Organizes everything in your life in a manner that make sense
  • evil mode, so great once you learned the vim editing language, vim + emacs is best of both worlds

I can also recommend the emacs bootstrapper for any new users, so amazing :smiley:

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Interesting, I didn’t know about that generator. I may have to incorporate some of its recommended additions.

I need to read more about orgmode. I use the getting things done model. I wonder if I can incorporate it into my system.

I’m phone posting so my config is unavailable.

Basically, I use emacs when I’m stuck using the Windows subsystem for Linux and can’t use I3.

I use org-mode and evil mode. There’s also a component for IRC I use when using emacs.

Fun fact: I find myself using LaTex when I’m on an emacs binge.

Else, I’m using google Vi.

@wendell As far as content for the Vim vs Emacs video the one thing I do like thats related to vim is vimium. You ever try it?

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I recently added a weather app to my emacs setup.

I use this:

A community-driven Emacs distribution

The best editor is neither Emacs nor Vim, it’s Emacs and Vim!

And my config is large.

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All i ever used from emacs was org-mode. It’s incredible what it can do. To a point where it’s too much for me. I’m a vim guy, so the whole concept of how you do input commands in emacs is foreign to me.

I’d be very interested in helping out in the vim side of things. I’ve recently migrated back from VS Code to gvim on Windows and went through a lot of setup, including theming, Language support, Integrated File Browser, Auto-Completion and Full on, interactive snippets.

(Where should we put that stuff? I could make a seperate thread showcasing and walking through my vim setup?) Edit: Nvm. Just read that you’d just want it in this thread. Guess i’ll prepare some things and make a post on my vim Setup here.


I understand what you mean, but… Evil mode? :wink:

I’d rather do vim-orgmode :wink:

Since it got a bit out of hand (and this is an emacs focused thread), i put my vim breakdown (Setup, not usage) into it’s own thread:

Mostly just use it as an Editor and file manager. Used to have an asininely large emacs.el but now it’s pretty much cut down to global-linum-mode, company and a slight tweak to be able to use hippie-expand faster.

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@freqlabs, hey do you use “sbt-start” in Emacs for Scala stuff?

Recently I was having this problem of it getting stuck so I was wondering if anyone had figured out the problem?

oh, good timing!

Is Emacs good for web-development or should I stay away?