The EFF has Published the Annual who has your back report

The EFF published their annual report today. You can read it at the Link.
What this report is about: How pro consumer companies are with your data.
Some Companies That get a Five star rating by the EFF :

The Adobe one may surprise some of you. It doesn't surprise me though. Even though they had a hacking scandal, they have a very huge incentive to protect their consumers data. Hollywood and other Professional Artist use their products. Disclosure: I own the Adobe Creative Suite and have received training from Adobe on their Products.

Apple was kind of a surprise to me to be honest.

Dropbox, well I've gotten away from using them. This doesn't surprise me. There were other companies that did get 5 stars. Does anything in the report stand out to you? Are you interested in these types of reports?

ATT = one star. LOL. I think they should add a new catagory. How much of your private data are these companies reading and using for something like marketing. Even tho Yahoo has a five star rating, they are still reading my mail.

Honestly despite this report and the ratings, I still don't trust most of those companies